Out of all the trendy Latina celebrities in Hollywood right now, Zoe Saldana is one of my favorites! Whether on the red carpet or out running errands, the Dominican and Puerto Rican actress always manages to look effortlessly stylish. So what's her secret? On the new cover of Gotham Magazine, Saldana FINALLY revealed that her fashion inspiration is...her abuela!



In the September issue for the magazine, Saldana opened up about her personal fashion muse, saying:

My grandmother and great-grandmother were seamstresses their whole lives, so when my grandmother moved to New York in the '60s, she worked for design houses throughout the city. She really loved fabrics and textiles, so it was natural to my family. Fashion wasn't like a religion to us, but it is in my ancestry. It was never about luxury; it was about art."

Aww, how sweet! See? Even celebrities aren't immune to an abuela's wisdom. Obviously, the love Saldana's grandmother has for fashion and clothes rubbed off on her. After all, few celebs--even those with stylists--can pull together a look as easily as Saldana can! Below, check out 10 of Saldanas best red carpet styles and tell us which one is your favorite:  

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