Would you wear '50 Shades of Grey' lingerie?!

By now, you've probably read or at least started reading the much-buzzed about trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey…but pretty soon, you'll be able to wear it too! The author, E.L. James, recently negotiated three separate licensing deals to bring 50 Shades-themed clothing to a store near you.


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The three lines will include all types of apparel, suitable for a range of occasions. A company called HYP will be selling garters and tights, another named Freeze Clothing will be selling t-shirts and hoodies and the third, Briefly Stated, will sell loungewear, pajamas and of course, lingerie!

Wow, I guess it's official: the world is obsessed with 50 Shades. Personally, I'm not a fan but I have to admit I'm a little curious (and more than a little afraid) to see what these clothes will look like. I can only imagine that everything—well, at least the lingerie-- will be tight, lacey and probably scary-looking, with detachable whips and/or ties that can double as bedroom props if necessary.

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Still, while I think this phenomenon has gone a little too far (admit it—you're a little sick of it too!), I have to hand it to James. She definitely knows how to work her success! Today fashion, tomorrow, the rest of the world!

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