You will never believe how much this bra costs! (PHOTO)

Like many women, I don't mind spending money on a good bra--especially because, these days, they are getting harder and harder to find. But while I like a cute bra as much as the next girl, most of the time, I'm looking for function, not fashion. So I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture of this blinged-out bra that's made out of 500 carats of diamonds and 750 grams of 18K gold and is worth a cool MILLION dollars!!


Um, is that crazy or what?! The bra is being sold at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers in Detroit. Store owner Anthony Aubry said it took 40 workers over three months to create the insanely glitzy undergarment.

"If you just have that much money, someone would want it to say 'Oh, I have a $1 million bra,' or some people would put it on display at their house or something, and some people, believe it or not, would actually want to wear it," Aubrey said. The bra is apparently called "Rita" after Aubrey's wife.  

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OK, well, I sincerely doubt you could actually wear the bra for any period of time longer than a few minutes seeing as it is made up of solid gold and is probably pretty heavy. So why on Earth would you ever spend a million dollars on a bra and then not even have the ability to show it off? If I spent that kind of money on any type of undergarment, I would expect to not only be able to put it on, but also for it to give me some kind of superpower-- like never-aging boobs or an always-toned butt or something else utterly spectacular.

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But to spend $1 million just to put it on display and say that you own a solid gold bra? That is completely and utterly ridiculous. I HOPE that no one is actually foolish enough to buy  this thing...but honestly, I wouldn't be all that surprised if it was sold by the end of the day.

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Image via Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers

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