I was perusing the interwebs the other day, and I came across this post about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at fashion week events in Paris. Kim was wearing a black dress that just so happened to feature a huge, ugly, white flower embellishment--but, my friends, this random detail was NOT what caught my attention. 

No, it was the fact that, much like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Kanye West and Kim K--or Kimye as they have unofficially been dubbed--were wearing matching outfits. No, I don't mean like, "Oh, we just stepped out and both happened to be wearing jeans and white t"-style coordination. I mean, full on, "Have your stylist talk to my stylist"  matchyness was on display. Now, I can forgive Jelena (aka Justin and Selena) for this, because they are TEENAGERS, but fully grown adults--never that.

I'm not so much mad at them, cause, um, I don't really care enough to be mad, but I do have to make fun of them because it is just so INFANTILE. I mean, I could get down with the nameplate and initial jewelry (yet ANOTHER thing Kimye and Jelena have in common, hmmm--I'm sensing a pattern here) but dressing up and actively trying to match your boyfriend is just too lame.

My sister and I would refuse all of mother's efforts to dress us in matching outfits because we were our OWN PEOPLE and so are Kanye and Kim--so, please, just stop now, OK?

Who knows? Maybe I'm overreacting and other people don't think dressing up in matching outfits with your boyfriend is a bad idea. Let me know in the comments below, but until then, check out the silliness below...

Is matching outfits with your SO ever Ok?

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At the BET awards

They chose the opposite color for the BET awards last weekend. 

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I agree with you Mariela! I think the effort to dress up in matchy, matchy outfits with your boyfriend is a poor attempt to show the world how in tune you are with one another, something that is either a natural thing or it's not at all.

kim k look stupid is hell yall 2 damn grown 2 be dressing alike kanye got her stuck like glue i never did like kim k never will kanye need 2 leave the hoodrat alone
leave them alone wow if somebody wants to dress alike why does it matter to anyone else. maybe thats what makes them happy
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