Just say "No!" to flip-flops!

Seriously, ladies--I know the temperature is rising, I know we all want to embrace the beauty of the summer but for the love of God, do we have to do so by wearing flip-flops?

Flip-flops are perfect for four, and only four, situations: the beach, the swimming pool, relaxing at home (no guests!) and getting a pedicure. Period.

Flip-flops are hideous and they're definitely a fashion faux pas. I can hear your gasps, but bear with me. It is my duty to demand that you GET OUT OF THOSE FLIP-FLOPS!


Here are five good, no GREAT, reasons you need to stop pretending flip-flops are actually shoes:

1. Your Feet get SO dirty: Even when we wear flat sandals, our feet get dirty. So imagine what happens when we wear flip-flops while walking on the street or taking the bus or train. Your feet in flip-flops catch all sort of nasty debris. Your brown toes and black heels are evidence of that. I know you'll agree me on this: dirty feet are disgusting!

2. They ruin any pretty outfit: We all love summer dresses, they make us feel girlie, flirty, and comfortable. It doesn't matter if it's a Diane von Furstenberg or an Old Navy dress, flip-flops will ruin it.

3. Squeaky shoes are annoying: When a woman wears high heels and we hear her shoes clacking across the floor, we always turn around. Now think about the opposite of this sexy and fabulous noise. Can you hear that? Is the sound of your flip-flops flopping!

4. They aren't comfortable: Oh, come on! Are you telling me this is the most comfortable shoe you can think of? These shoes lack any and all kinds of stability.

5. Men hate flip-flops: Maybe you don't care, but they do. My husband always tells me that he hates to see all the disgusting dirty feet on the streets during the summer. He has even commented, "It's amazing to see this happening in NY." I agree. For a city that loves fashion so much, they should definitely rethink its stance on the flip-flop.

So, come on ladies. There are, literally, a thousand cuter options for summer sandals. In fact, many sites and stores already have crazy sales on summer shoes. Get a pair of cool-looking and comfortable sandals today, and kiss those flip-flops goodbye (that is, unless your headed to the beach)!

What do you think of flip-flops? Do you wear them to go out on the street or any other public and indoor spaces?

Image via billaday/flickr

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