What you wear on your feet matters, so stop wearing Crocs!

The other day that we where having a meeting at Mamás Latinas, and my editor asked me a great question: "What I'd like to know, is why you decided to wear those shoes today?"

I immediately stared down at my strappy patent leather flats and afterwards at the window, it was pouring that day. Hmm, I thought about it, then replied: "Patent leather is awesome for rainy days."

Really, there's so much more than weather conditions behind our daily choice of shoes, and for most of us, you can probably learn a LOT about women by what we decide to wear on our feet.


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Today, for example, the temperature is already 85 degrees. It's a marvelous and hot summer day. It also means it's a great day for sandals with perfectly pedicured feet (very important!). However, being a NYC girl (which translates into "I don't drive a car") I need to be comfortable shoes to last through whole day of meetings and errands. Thursdays are especially hard.

But because I wanted to embrace the summer day with my new breezy blue skirt, short at the front and long at the back, I decided to do so in flat sandals.

My very naked black sandals. This pair as you can see, makes it impossible to hide any feet flaws. What can I say? Today I feel bold enough to wear almost-bare feet! I already crossed paths with a couple of women who stared bluntly at my feet and I also had a meeting (on the casual side) where my shoes received very positive nods.

… Ah women, I love women! You may not know it, but our shoes share our deepest secrets with other women out there.

We're all aware that the way that we present ourselves gives off messages about what kind of person we are, the life we live, our interests, our confidence, our sense of style, often without us even realizing it. It always surprises me when I hear a woman saying things like "no one will notice my shoes." I beg to differ ladies. More often than not, shoes can make or break your look.

And it's a terrible shame to have a great outfit fall short because of an unattractive pair of shoes. I know comfort is important, but please let's meet somewhere in the middle and take off those awful Crocs!

I am not saying to put on the strappy high stilettos, which make for a very sexy look, but let's face it, 5-inch heels are unbearable for walking. Simply opt for let's say, ballet flats which are stylish and yet comfortable.

Whatever you decide to wear just remember, we are all watching!

 How do you balance comfort and style?


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