45 of Jennifer Lopez's 'American Idol' outfits in only 2 minutes! (VIDEO)

I like watching American Idol for many reasons: good music, talented artists like Jessica Sanchez, and, of course, to catch a glimpse of what Jennifer Lopez is wearing. In fact, I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a huge draw of the show! I mean, come on, aren't you ever curious? She wears such a crazy range of outfits—everything from super trendy neon dresses to not-so-cute see-through shirts! It makes me want to know what she'll wear next! Well, lucky for me, now I can get a reminder of Lopez's best fashion moments (and some of the worst) on the show with this amazing clip.


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The video displays 45 outfits Lopez wore through this season's competition—all in just two minutes! The best part is that the creator basically only captures her as she's strutting on to the stage, which makes it look like she's walking a runway over and over again. Genius…and kind of funny (she does have a diva walk).     

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The video is the perfect lead-up to tonight's finale, when everyone is wondering two questions: Who will win…and what will J.Lo wear?! Watch the fashion recap here:


Which of Lopez's outfits on this season did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via FOX

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