I love to wear my faja to get an hourglass figure!

I first discovered the faja two years ago after I went through my gastric bypass and subsequent body reconstruction in the plastic surgery capital of the world, Colombia. I was instructed to wear the body constricting wrap for several months after my surgery and my mom, who had liposuction down there as well, wore hers around the same time. It wasn't long before the two of us discovered the amazing power of the faja: the power of giving us a perfect little hourglass body by hiding any extra pockets of fat. From then on, I was in love.


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The New York Times recently wrote about how women are rediscovering the faja as a shortcut to an hourglass figure similar to corsets. Well, I'm not at all surprised that more and more women are turning to this body slimming contour device. While it may not be quite the same as losing weight or tonight up to look slim, the faja does something that those things cannot: it actually molds you into a more pleasant shape. And, although I naturally have a pear shape (meaning my waist is small, anyway), the faja actually pulls it into an even tighter place for curvier appeal.

Years ago, I wore my faja almost day and night. Sure, in the beginning I actually had to for medical reasons, but I kept wearing it because it did such wonders for my figure that I felt sad ever taking it off. I definitely bought a couple dresses that don't look quite the same without the faja and even one that I can't button unless I'm squeezing my waist in with the corset-like contraption. Lilliana Rios, author of the blog ThingsLatinosLoveorHate.com, tells the New York Times:

There is a Spanish saying, you want to look 'like a Coke bottle.' A lot of Spanish songs talk about women with shapes like a guitar, so that's the curved look that Latina women want.

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That's absolutely the reason I wear it! Not because I'm looking to impress some guy or anything like that, but just because I like looking curvier than I already am. And, honestly, it doesn't hurt that it hides the love handles and helps me fit into my evening dress. It's really no different than using something like Spanx except, well, a faja is probably 50 times better at making you look great. That's why I'll never stop wearing the faja—it makes my body look good and that makes me feel great. It's no wonder they're growing in popularity. And I, for one, am really glad for that.

Have you ever worn a faja? Do you think it's good or bad to contour your body to make it look curvier? Share with us in the comments below!

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