How far would you go for your skinny jeans? (VIDEO)

Ladies, have you ever had a little trouble putting on your skinny jeans? Hey, we've all been there! Well now, you can see all that drama played out on video!  Film director Roger Hagadone created this hilarious clip, which he calls his "silly little 'Skinny Jeans' video," to capture all the effort it can take just for a woman to put on a pair of tight jeans!


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Set to James Brown's famous upbeat song "Hot Pants," the film shows a girl (who, by the way, is very thin) getting dressed and struggling to slip on and button up her jeans. When she finally manages to get them on, she moves to admire herself in the mirror –only to make the button pop and ricochet off the walls before hitting her in the head and causing her to pass out!

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The whole thing is funny and entertaining, particularly because its message is actually true! In a comical way, the video does manage to perfectly encompass the very real problem many women face when it comes to today's all too tight and short fashion styles.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so – the clip has garnered over a million hits on Vimeo so far.

Watch the struggle with skinny jeans unfold:

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Image via YouTube

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