Adrienne Bailon wears the worst bikini in all of beach history (PHOTO)

Maybe I'm naive because I grew up in a beach town where people wear flip-flops year round, but I always thought there was no real way to have an "ugly" beach style. I mean, all you need is a bathing suit and some shorts, right?

That's what I whole-heartedly believed until this morning when I saw the above picture of Latina actress Adrienne Bailon and was proven very, very wrong. Bailon was apparently on a video shoot (which is so not a valid excuse) when she sported this horridly ugly monokini.


OK, you should know I don't understand monokinis. How do you avoid tan lines? And what exactly are they supposed to be? Personally, I feel like people should just make a freaking decision and either wear a bikini or a one-piece.   

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That being said, I understand this is Hollywood and celebs like to wear weird things and call it trendy. But that still doesn't excuse this absolutely awful bathing suit! It's all black (which is pretty much the only redeeming factor), but is part nylon and part…pleather? And then there's the weird sleeves and half-skirt pieces on the bottom. I just don't understand.  What are those for? Is she about to take flight? It's like part of a really bizarre Batman costume.  

As if that wasn't bad enough, she's then wearing these GINORMOUS hoop earrings that make my earlobes ache just by looking at them. Oh and bright orange heels. On the beach. In the sand. Once again, I just don't get it.

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The whole thing is just sad because Bailon has a very fit body which would look amazing in any other normal bathing suit. Plus, we've seen her on red carpets before and she actually can have good style when she wants to. Still in this unfortunate case, there's just no excusing it – Beach. Fail.  

Image via JLN Photography/WENN

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