A bra with a pocket? My abuela needed that!

As a child, there was no one more mysterious to me than my Abuela. She spoke a language I didn't speak, she burned candles to saints I didn't know and she never, I mean never in her whole life, wore a pair of pants. Always a dress, usually in a floral print. My child-brain could not wrap my head around that and every Mother's Day I tried to convince my mom that we needed to buy her a pair of jeans. Of the many reasons I was sure she needed jeans, besides the obvious pants are so much better than dresses, I really wanted to know how she lived a life without pockets! Where did she put all her stuff?

In her bra of course! Duh!

See Abuela knew a thing or two that I, as an adult, would learn. Sometimes your bra is your best pocket. And now, a couple of smart college girls have turned what we knew all along into a business and created the JoeyBra--a bra with a pocket for your iPhone!


I don't know how many times I have horrified one of my male friends by whipping my id or cell phone or money out of my bra on a night out. I hate to carry a purse--who wants to dance holding a bag?--and while I do wear jeans, a bulky cell phone sticking out of the back pocket just makes the butt look weird, and we do not make the butt look weird. So like my Abuela, I stick what I need in the side of my bra and go out for the night. Now that I am a mother, you can imagine what is hiding inside my bra--wipes, Aquaphor, nail clippers once...

Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow, two University of Washington students, seeing that their sorority friends were losing their phones on nights out, decided to do something about it and created this bra, sold as "the first sexy and comfortable bra with a pocket." On first glance it's like OK, but how do I get to the side pocket? And won't I sweat and destroy my phone? (I did this once, the inside rusted out, it was an embarrassing moment where I swore up and down the phone had not encountered water until the sales guy was like, "Where do you keep it? Were you sweating?" Oops...)

Turns out they thought of that and the pocket is built in a way that it keeps moisture away from the phone (kind of like those Under Armour shirts your man wears) and they admit, most of the women using their product are going out so they are in sleeveless tops or halter dresses and access is super easy. Check out Gentry showing how to use the JoeyBra:

My abuela so needed this bra! She wouldn't have put a cell phone in the pocket but her rosary, money, lottery tickets, tissues and prayer card could have had a safer home!

If you think this is a genius idea, you can help get the company get started by donating to their Kickstarter here. Or you can buy the JoeyBra in small, medium or large (it converts to a razorback or strapless) for $19.99.

Would you wear this bra? Tell us the craziest thing you have ever carried in your bra in the comments below

Image via JoeyBra

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