I would totally get a toe job to keep wearing my stilettos

I'm addicted to shoes, like a full on shoe-aholic. I seriously have a problem. I can barely ever walk by a store without at least trying on a pair or two (Ok, or five!) and, in the end, I usually give in and buy one despite already having over 50 pairs at home.

I'm really not kidding here, I just love shoes THAT much! The only thing I don't love how much my feet hurt after a long day in heels. To be honest, I don't know how stiletto-wearing icon Sarah Jessica Parker does it. Then I read that some women are actually getting "toe jobs" to wear their favorite shoes comfortably and, um--don't judge me--but I am seriously consideringthe plastic surgery fix!


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When I first read about it on MSN, they declared that these women were vain for wanting to wear stilettos in comfort. Say what?! Just because I want to be a little comfier in my shoes doesn't mean that I'm vain!

Okay, maybe it does. But it's not that I have an excessively blown up head over my own appearance. I just want to look and feel pretty. Is it my fault that wearing high heels makes my legs look really good? I don't think so. Since my legs are the part of my body that I like the least, why can't I indulge in wearing some uncomfortable shoes because I want to look better?

The "Loub job", nicknamed after Christian Louboutin and his gorgeous shoes (sigh), doesn't even sound that bad. All doctors have to do is inject some dermal filler into ladie's toes, heels and the balls of our feet for about $600 and we'll get 6 months of stiletto-comfort heaven.

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I don't care how unhealthy or uncomfortable wearing heels is, I still love and will wear them (hopefully) forever. It's not like they're the only kind of shoe I wear but I refuse to have a night out without something sparkly that raises me at least four inches off the ground. And if getting a little injection in my feet so that I can run around in those gorgeous shoes more often makes me vain, then I'll just accept the label and keep wearing my stilettos in style.

Would you ever consider getting a toe job to wear stilettos more comfortably?

Image via flickr/lovemaegan