Ladies! It's time to start thinking about purchasing a new set of sunglasses. These are probably my favorite accesory (second only to shoes) because who doesn't look seriously GLAM in a pair of fabulous shades?

Plus, you can really go wild with sunglasses and try out cool, trendy shapes and bright colors. The important thing to remember is to try to pick out a pair that will compliment your face shape.

Luck for you, I've already done most of the work!


Image via Rayban, Urban Outfitters, Endless by Amazon

Diamond face + round Lenon-style shades 1

Diamond face + round Lenon-style shades

Image via Sunglass Warehouse

Diamond shaped faces have a small forehead, high cheekbones, and narrow eyes and jaw. Oval, rimless frames can complement those gorgeous cheekbones by leaving them on full display! Check out these super cute John Lenon-inspired shades ($13.56,


Heart face + ombre shades 2

Heart face + ombre shades

Image via Endless by Amazon

Heart-shaped faces (think Salma Hayek) are characterized by a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Frames that are the same width on the top and bottom help balance out this face shape and ombre shading will help draw attention up to your forehead. ($26,


Square face + oval sunglasses 3

Square face + oval sunglasses

Image via Toms

Square face shapes have strong jawlines with a wide forehead, chin and cheekbones. Round frames contrast nicely with the sharp angular features, just make sure the top of the frame sits high enough to cover your eyebrows! ($119,

Oval face + cat-eye glasses 4

Oval face + cat-eye glasses

Image via Urban Outfitters

Oval face shapes, characterized by high cheekbones and a chin that is narrower than the forehead (think Jessica Alba), are super lucky! You can wear almost any pair of glasses that comes your way, so why not try out a funky new trend? Cat-eye glasses are all the rage this season and this bright turqoise pair puts a fresh spin on a classic shape. ($14,


Round face + Ray Ban Wayfarers 5

Round face + Ray Ban Wayfarers

Image via Rayban

Round faces are characterized by a full face without much cheekbone or jaw definition. Use square or rectangular frames with dark lenses to add some contrast. Try these Ray Ban Wayfarers, which have made a HUGE comeback in the last few years. ($100,