A love letter to clogs

Growing up in the '70s, I remember my mom wearing clogs. I used to think that she was the coolest chic in town. Then, when I was in my twenties, I bought my first pair of black clogs with a light brown wooden heel and loved them. I would wear them constantly with my 501 cut jeans, dresses and skirts. And the coolest part was that no one else was wearing them but me--I was an original!

Many of my woman friends despise clogs and say that they are nurses or chefs shoes, but I think they have stylish potential. And I love wearing them with a cute casual dress or under a pair of boyfriend or slouchy jeans rolled up.

I might look terrible to others, but I feel amazing and that's all that counts, right?


I guess some people think of Dansko super comfortable shoes when you mention the word "clogs", but they are many other stylish versions of the traditional clog, plus the wooden heel makes all the difference in the world. And the higher the heel the sexier the shoe, except I also wear clogs for comfort, so I rather keep the heel in the mid-range, not the grandma heel but not the I-might-fall-down-heel either.

In any case (and in Dansko clogs defense) I have to say that I do have a pair of those too and they're my house shoes, I wear them every day after work because they're super comfortable, however unless it's for a quick pharmacy run, you'll never see me wearing those outside my home.

I also love the winter boots that have the wooden cloggy base and I also think the Swedish Hasbeen style of summer sandal (very much summer 2011) is pretty timeless with summer dresses and the likes. So you will surely see me ignoring the "it's so last season" comments when refering to my new green clogs.

I proudly wore my green new clogs during the whole weekend and today since we have summer weather here in NYC, I am wearing them with a summer dress and loving every minute of it...

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