Fergie rocks boho, hippie fashion at Coachella 2012! (PHOTOS)

It seems like every celebrity on the planet was partying at Coachella this past weekend! One Latina who didn't miss the fun? Fergie! The part Mexican singer and her husband, Josh Duhamel, were spotted out and about at the festival and from the looks of it, Fergie got in the spirit of the whole concert by sporting light, boho clothing radically different from her usual rock-and-roll style.  

The diva traded in her typically tight, loud, futuristic get-ups for a long flowing dress, a fringed vest, a pair of worn-in flat boots and a large floppy hat all in neutral, tan colors. She kept her hair equally natural, rocking some natural waves and only adding beaded necklaces and bracelets to complete the outfit.


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I don't know what it is about Coachella that makes people bring out their inner hippie, but I have to admit I kind of love this look on Fergie! She normally goes with the over-the-top, in your face type of glam and this softer, more subdued look is a nice change. She just looks so relaxed, especially with her cute hubby by her side.  

Still, the boho phase didn't last long. The next day, Fergie looked more like her typical self wearing torn shorts, a tank and vest all in black. She also seems to be sporting a second creamier vest that flows out from underneath the black one. With earrings and black shades, the whole outfit is much more in line with the rock style she's known for.

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But though I'm not always a fan of her crazy looks, one thing's for sure: the 37-year-old singer oozes confidence no matter what she wears.  And with her super toned body, her impressive career, and her loving relationship, who can blame her?

Which of Fergie's look do you prefer?

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