Excuse me, magazine, but "chola" fashion story is extremely offensive

It seems that Vogue isn't the only magazine who's enjoying putting up racist fashion photos these days. I was surprised and disgusted to see Vogue Italian's "haute mess" fashion spread that very obviously was making fun of black women. Well, now another magazine is jumping on the racist fashion editorial bandwagon (UGH): LadyGunn has just published a fashion story called "Chola!" that they claim is a parody in response to Vogue's photos. But, in reality, these are just as offensive.


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I just don't get these photos. They're not really any better than the ones they're supposedly spoofing. Yes, the Vogue photos were beyond ridiculous—gaudy and disgusting and completely making fun of black culture. These new photos from LadyGunn are just as ridiculous, showing a barrio girl in obscene poses. How are these a spoof, exactly? All I see is the same exact thing, but with a Latino spin this time.

On the post's comments, LadyGunn says:

There is a difference between paying homage to a culture/lifestyle in a way that looks good than blatantly mocking a subculture of people and making a parody of those people. We are illustrating to Vogue how to do something tasteful and fashionable without being disrespectful.

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Um, did they LOOK at their own photos? How are they NOT mocking our culture? From the model posing with a weird facial expression in the first photo to her eating a churro in the last photo, I am not amused and I don't think their point is very well made. The photos are beautiful, but they are no less making fun of a culture than the Vogue Haute Mess photos were. I really hope they take a look at their photos and realize that, hey, we're not all like this and I really don't appreciate their racist fashion spread.

What do you think of the "Chola!" fashion photos from LadyGunn?

Image via Vogue Italia