I remember loving Easter when I was a little girl. Part of it was the candy, part of it was the Easter egg hunt with my cousins, but mostly--I really loved the new dress my mom bought me every year.

My mother used to always tell me I was the girliest tomboy she ever met, because I loved all the fluffiest, ruffliest dresses out there, but the second I had them on I'd run to climb a tree or play tag or make a mud pie!

Now that I am older, I look forward to buying the same cute, frou-frou outfits that I used to love for my adorable year-and-a-half old niece. While I was looking online, I came across the CUTEST Easter dresses for little girls and figured I'd share, just in case you're looking for a new frock for your little princesa too:


Pretty Petals dress (29.97)

Satin Floral Dress ($64.50)

Easter Bunny tutu onesie ($44)

Bonnie Baby polka-dot trapeze dress ($31.99)

3D Flower & Tulle dress ($34.95)

Botanical dress ($38)

Flower & Polka Dot dress ($29.99)


Youngland crinkle chiffon dress ($15)

Color block dress ($42.99)

Images via Gymboree, Gap, Macy's, Children's Place, Baby's R Us, Kohls, Shabby Apple, Tutuspoiled, Pumpkin Patch


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on Apr 7, 2012 at 4:18 PM

Beautiful dresses! I have a little boy and we'll probably dress him up this year.

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