Clothes That Fit a Woman's Body

Alright, Sofia Vergara, you've won me over on Modern Family, and now you've got me with your clothes.

I'm very picky when it comes to buying clothes. It's more of a torturous ordeal than a good experience most of the time. I have a hard time fitting into a lot of pants because my hips are too wide, even though my legs go in perfectly fine. Or I find myself gasping for air because a shirt is too tight around the chest. Any sudden moves might make my shirt explode like the Hulk's, or at least a button pop.


But Sofia Vergara's collection seems to be designed and produced with real women in mind. We might not all be that curvaceous up top or around the hips like Sofia, but we've all got assets we want to highlight.

These are clothes you can look and feel like a woman. Really.

For instance, this adorable tunic focuses the attention on my neck and accentuates my waist.  These are both things I love about my body.

If you have serious curves, this ruched dress fits the bill for an office look for women of all sizes.  The stripes help narrow the body and the ruching is very forgiving of any flaws.

I absolutely love that I can have an updated wardrobe that lets me show off what I like about myself without selling myself out.narrow the body?