I hope Sofia Vergara's new lingerie line gives me curves like her!

There is no stopping Sofia Vergara, who seems to be everywhere these days, thanks in large part to the huge success of the TV show Modern Family, on which she stars. Just last year, Vergara launched her new clothing line Sofia by Sofia Vergara, for the Kmart department stores—and now the Colombian actress is adding lingerie to her line, available at select Kmart stores already.


It seems that after the success of her original clothing line, the Baranquilla native decided to extend her empire and is now gettig more creative in the world of apparel. Fortunately for you and I, her new line of intimates not only comes in a range of colors like black, red and leopard print, but also in super affordable prices ranging from $10 to $15.

I'm of the belief that lingerie is a really important part of any woman's wardrobe and must definitely be taken into consideratin when putting together the perfect outfit. The thing is, wearing the wrong kind of underwear can easily ruin the overall look you worked so hard to achieve!

Also, ever noticed how sexy you feel when you're wearing sexy lingerie under your regular clothes? It totally gives you a little extra boost of confidence that is totally worth it. So, why don't you? Check out Sofía's new line and give it a try.

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