It's all in the bag. Spring styles that are calling my name!!

I am just such a sucker for everything fashion, it's ridiculous (it's also a little bit embarrassing at times, but please don't tell anyone). If you saw my closet you'd know what I mean. It's something I definitely learned from my mother. She used to have every shoe, every dress, every necklace, scarf, bag, belt, cocktail ring--the list goes on and on--in every color of the rainbow! When there's a good excuse to bring some new item home (you know, to introduce it to the rest of the collection),'s heavenly!

Recently, I've been researching spring bag trends and... hello Johanna! Oh well, here I go again. Gotta check out what's new and what might be just what I need. Here are some of the new bag styles sure to become some of your favorites too.  



1. The clutch is my all time favorite, and it's everywhere. Thank God! Perfect to add a splash of color to any outfit, clutches have also gotten quite versatile over the last few years. And by versatile I mean, they come in different sizes, bold colors, mixed materials, and even prints to add a little bit of a surprise factor when least expected. 

2. If you are as daring as I am with color, incorporate yellow into your wardrobe. It's easy to do with a bag that will be like a ray of sunshine any day of the week, any time of the day, with jeans, a bright orange dress, or even a crisp all white spring ensemble. Don't miss the opportunity to go for a patent leather lemon yellow bag! It's the perfect conversation piece when you meet up with friends (then watch them run to get their very own interpretations of this trend). 

3. Talking about color, check out these new color block bags. If I do decide to go all neutral for the day (which for me, goes hand in hand with the weather) or perhaps are feeling a little blue, something in the bright color spectrum of this spacious bag is PERFECTO to brighten up your day! 

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