What you can learn from Sara Ramirez’s style on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

I’ve been a fan of Sara Ramirez ever since she appeared as the Lady of the Lake in the Broadway production of Spamalot, starring Tim Curry, Hank Azaria and David Hyde Pierce. When she appeared a bit later on my favorite TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy, I couldn’t be more excited.

Since her rise to fame, the curvy Mexican actress has been rocking the red carpet in perfectly form-fitting clothes. She always knows how to complement her figure and her recent guest appearance on The View is no different. The star has a few things she can teach us all about how to look amazing no matter what size you are.


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Sara came on the show to talk about the upcoming cross-over episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, the spin-off show starring Kate Walsh. Although I love the show and was excited to hear some inside scoop, all I really could pay attention to was how incredible Sara looked.

The black pencil skirt? That white ruffle top? She was rocking her curves in the best way. In fact, she was always one of my fashion role models when I was bigger. Although I’ve lost a lot of weight now, I still look to her for style inspiration. I may be 100 pounds lighter, but I’m still Latina and I still have curves.

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As a fellow pear-shaped girl, I know that her outfit on The View is one of the best ways to accent my good parts. A dark, shapely bottom like the black pencil skirt minimize your hips while the white, ruffle top draws attention to the upper body. When I’m looking in my closet or shopping for my next I-have-to-look-amazing outfit, I’ll be taking a page from Sara’s stylebook and looking sophisticated yet gorgeous in a simple, classic pencil skirt with a top that flows and turns heads.

What do you think of Sara’s outfit on The View episode? Are you inspired by her fashion sense?

Image via ABC