Lingerie for all body types: What works and what doesn’t!

Shopping for lingerie can be a little unnerving for many women. You want to feel sexy, but you also want to make sure that the skimpy clothing is highlighting only your best assets. Well ladies, there’s no need to worry anymore! Whether you’re curvy, petite, or any size in between, our guide breaks down the most figure-flattering styles that will keep you feeling sexy both in and out of the bedroom. And the best part? They’re all under 55 dollars!


Here’s what to look for if you’re…

1. Straight-shaped: If your goal is to add curves or emphasize the shape you already have, try finding lacy or silky items with girly touches. Details like bows or embroidery will highlight your curves and make your figure appear fuller. If you want to enhance your bust line, opt for a padded corst or bra, like this one from Victoria’s Secret.

2. Athletically-shaped: If your figure is straight but muscular and toned, boy shorts are your best friend. They add curves and emphasize a well-defined booty. Halter-top or push up bras also work if you’re looking to add to your top half.  If not, go for simpler styles on top and keep the details for your bottom half. And don’t be afraid to try color! Black is known to make curves look smaller.  This look from Victoria’s Secret Pink line is cute and sexy!

3. Curvy-shaped: Since you’ve already got all the shape you need, the most important thing is to find garments that support your curvaceous bod.  Try looking for fitted lingerie that will provide the coverage and lift you need. Avoid horizontal patterns and instead, go for solid colors or vertical stripes. If you’re really looking to draw attention away from either your top or your bottom, you can try plain black but I also love this lacey bra that is pretty and has extra-supportive side slings or this two-toned one that provides full coverage.

4. Pear-shaped:  Since pear-shaped ladies tend to be curvier on the bottom, the main goal for you in picking out lingerie is to balance out your body. Try a dark-colored, high-cut brief that will make your legs look slim and long and an embellished, bright bra that will bring extra attention to your top half. You can also try a babydoll style that will draw attention away from your bottom and up to your décolletage, like this one from Lingerie Diva.

5. Plus-sized: If you’re full-figured, teddys, one-piece negligees, or corsets that show off your chest but tighten around the stomach are good options. And you don’t have to settle for plain or neutral colors either. Try something like this red lace overlay corset from plus-size line, Hips and Curves. It’s pretty and flattering!

 What style of lingerie do you prefer?

Images via Victoria Secret, Lingerie Diva