Victor Cruz salsas his way into the fashion world

Just when you think you couldn’t love Giants player, Victor Cruz, any more, he does something else to steal our hearts. The Latino football player and Superbowl champion is as famous for his salsa dancing as he is for his football skills and now, he can also add fashion designer to his resume.  

Cruz first showed his love for fashion on Wednesday when he cut the ribbon in front of Lincoln Center to announce the beginning of New York’s Fashion Week. Now, he’s hoping to further his style career with his new men’s clothing line, Young Whales. The brand currently offers t-shirts and sweatshirts that range from about $30 to $60 and will soon expand to include jackets, polos and maybe even women’s wear.


"All the designs, everything that goes into it, it goes through us,” he told Fox.

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Cruz partnered with Nate Collins, defensive tackler from the Jacksonville Jaguars, to create the line. The two brainstormed to create the unique name; "Young Whales" is actually the Wall Street term for a rich hot-shot. They wanted to remind buyers that it’s possible to reach that kind of status, as long as you work hard.

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All I can say is…aww! It’s so nice and refreshing to see that even with all his accomplishments, Cruz is still able to remember and appreciate his humble beginnings. Plus, no one can say the man hasn’t earned his success. Straight from a Superbowl win to a clothing line? That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me. Maybe he can also find time to give me a call?

 Would you buy Cruz’s clothing line?

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