Why I'd pick a curvy bod over a 20-inch waist any day

Models are known for being tall and thin, but Romanian model Iona Spagenberg takes it to a whole new level. The model caused a media frenzy earlier this week when pictures of her 20-inch waist began circulating, earning her the nickname “The Human Hourglass.” Um, I don't think so, the term "hourglass" is normally perserved for women with actual curves like Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch.

Spagenberg insists that her proportions are completely natural, and that she eats normally.  “I eat three big meals a day and I snack on chocolate and crisps all the time,” she told The Sun newspaper.



Apparently, this is actually her biggest size. As a teenager, her waist was only 15 inches. And the 5’7 model says she actually is trying to gain weight but can’t seem to because of her “small stomach.”

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This just seems completely unhealthy to me. How can she possibly be shaped like that if she’s eating the way she says she is? Even if it is natural, the fact that people are hiring her to model corsets and such is absolutely absurd. Why promote body types that are completely unattainable for most women?

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For her sake, I hope her diet actually is as healthy and nutritional as she says it is. But I also hope that no other woman tries to mimic Spagenberg’s look. Real curves, especially for us Latinas, are completely natural. I don't see any reason to make them some sort of freakish spectacle, especially now that more and more places are embracing the idea of a full and voluptuous figure. Even Brazil, a country known for their teeny waistlines, is now embracing a shapelier body image. Not to mention that some of the hottest and most successful Latina women in Hollywood --like JLo, Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes-- are known for their killer curves. I’d take that kind of healthy beauty over a Barbie-like body any day.

What do you think of Spagenberg's look? Natural or unhealthy?

Image via YouTube