Sofia Vergara wore a tight, strapless dress to the 2012 SAG Awards...again

Oh, Sofia Vergara...we love you even if all you ever talk about is your boobs and your body. Sure, your portrayal of colombiana Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is totally over-the-top and stereotypical, but honestly, it's also downright hysterical at times so we forgive you.

You know what's not funny though? The fact that you wear the same exact dress to every damn awards show! Last night, I watched the SAG awards red carpet with baited breath, mainly waiting to see what you were going to wear. Sure, I loved Naya Rivera's sparkly silver number--it fit her like a glove!--and Gina Torres can basically do no wrong in my book, but Sofia, you are the Latina everyone is watching right now and that gives you the responsibility to knock it out of the park.


This is why I have to say it: Stop wearing the same dress! You know what I'm talking about, fitted, strapless, vaguely fishtail with a big emphasis on the boobs. At least last night you pointed out to E! News that your derriere doesn't get enough attention and had the confidence to actually say there weren't really that many things about your body that you would change (major points there, for real).

But for the last two years at least, you've been wearing the same dress with minimal variation--maybe a color change here or an extra ruffle there. Why not try something totally different, like an a-line shape or even maybe (gasp!) a high neckline? I know it might be out of your comfort zone but believe me, it will make you stand out more than the traditional shape you've worn into the ground. Anything will look amazing on that gorgeous figure of yours. Last night, you claimed your eyes were one of your favorite features, so wear an outfit that takes the emphasis off your famous curves and places them on your beautiful face, like this one by Elie Saab.

Do you agree that Sofia should change up her style for her next red carpet appearance?

Images via Getty Images