Dare to bare your shoulders

It´s not even Spring and we´re already spotting celebrities baring their shoulders with the sexiest of tops. Jennifer López, for instance, was seen recently in an America Idol episode wearing a top much like the one pictured here.

What I love most about the flirtiness of the open shoulder blouse is that it is subtly sexy, not too provocative, and femenine. It's flattering for all body types since the shoulders are not an area where we bulk up much.


If you dare to bare your shoulders too, keep in mind that a fitted bottom--skirt or pants, it doesn´t matter!--will work best to create harmony in the overall look. A looser skirt is Ok if you´re on the slender side, but in that case add a great belt to attract attention to your waist. Accessorize accordingly with statement jewely and a smile!

Image via Revolveclothing.com