12 Latina celebrities before they were famous


We all know Latinas are some of the hardest working women around! Celebrities are no different except their photos before reaching fame are in full display for the world to see. Selena Gomez has no shame in it, but some of the other celebs we feature definitely do! Can you guess which stars are almost unrecognizable?  

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10 Times Chiquinquirá Delgado rocked​ with her style choices

chiquinquira PHOTOS

One of the Latinas I constantly follow during red carpet events is Chiquinquirá Delgado. Say what you want about the Venezuelan beauty, but her fashion game is one of the best in Latin Hollywood. She always pushes the style limit in a fierce way on Nuestra Belleza Latina and is never afraid to try something new. If that doesn't define a true fashionista, I don't know what does. Delgado's best fashion looks are truly flawless. I hope we get to tour her closet one day!

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10 Kim Kardashian Instagram photos she might never want to show North


What does one do when they've reached 27 million followers on Instagram? If you're Kim Kardashian, you take a thong selfie and show Kendall Jenner who the real Kardashian beauty queen is. Now, moms have every right to be sexy, but this crosses the line. Poor North is going to grow up and learn that her mommy was a loca exhibitionist who believed that any attention is good attention. Sad part is that it seems to be working since the Kardashian family reportedly signed a $100 million contract with E! to make their hit series last another four years. Oh boy. Kim's WTH moments just keep growing and we'll be subjected to them for four more years.

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The 10 BEST treatments for thinning hair


Whether it's caused by stress, genetics or pregnancy, hair loss seems like the dreadful stepchild no one wants to babysit. No matter how much we try to avoid thinning hair, the comb never lies. All those chunks of hair you lose while showering or combing your hair is never a healthy thing. Luckily, there are natural remedies and quality products to prevent and combat thinning hair. 

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8 Weight loss smoothie recipes from our favorite stars​

jessica PHOTOS

Weight loss smoothie recipes are everywhere and I always love trying the perfect concoctions that celebrities try. It may be delusional of me, but I think I can attain their same shape and skin if I try it. I mean, look at Jessica Alba. Who would want to drink to a hopeful gulp that one day you'll wake up and look just like her. It will never happen, but at least I can trick my body into feeling that way. Seriously, these celebrity weight loss smoothies are delicious, easy to make and totally worth trying. 

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SEE: Alejandra Espinoza's amazing pregnancy style


The two pregnant beauties on Univision --Ana Patricia and Alejandra Espinoza-- have totally surprised me. They're both still thin and just all belly. Alejandra is especially confident even rocking a bikini at the beach. Go girl! Now that she's just a couple of weeks from giving birth, Alejandra Espinoza still maintains her modern, chic look, including that sexy bikini. Her pregnancy style has truly been amazing. Here are some of my favorite looks from Alejandra's pregnancy.

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10 Crazy photos of Khloe Kardashian's unnatural tiny waist

khloe PHOTOS

There's a difference between looking fierce and suffocating your insides to get a tiny waist. Clearly, Khloe Kardashian loves her fajas, but this recent photo she shared looks a little too extreme. Nothing about this looks natural or healthy. I feel a little bad for her internal organs. At the same time, at least she's keeping it real about how she achieves that exaggerated hourglass shape. Personally, my chichos would hate me if I did this to them. I'm sure if Khloe's chichos could speak, they would say the same. There are more crazy photos that prove Khloe Kardashian has rocked a crazy thin waist one too many times. Check them out along with this latest one!

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Repair damaged skin in 10 easy steps


Kim Kardashian recently admitted that she went to bed with full makeup. Talk about breaking a huge beauty rule! We all know it probably takes her hours to get ready, but that's no excuse. Your skin repairs itself at time, so wearing thick and heavy makeup means more clogged pores and acne breakouts. We've all been guilty of breaking this cardinal makeup rule, like Kim Kardashian, but there are plenty of easy ways to repair your skin after you mistreat it. Check out some of our suggestions!

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Chiquis Rivera's top 10 style tips for curvy women

chiquis PHOTOS

We can all learn a little something about style and how to dress for your shape from Chiquis Rivera. The Latina singer is quickly becoming a style icon thanks to her great fashion sense and amazing shoe game. Thankfully, Chiquis is all about spreading the love and her knowledge for what works--especially for curvy women. Here are Chiquis' top ten fashion tips you don't want to miss. 

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Chicos De Buen Comer

5 Ways to get kids to eat real food

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As someone who's gone up-and-down in weight her whole life, I know now that eating healthy is ALL about keeping the weight off and I am absolutely determined to make sure that I do the same with my family. That's why I think it's very important to eat real food, instead of processed junk--and even teaching the kids to eat real food, too! Why? Well, good habits start early. If you constantly fight with your kids about eating their veggies and opting for healthier choices, I have a few suggestions on how you can teach them and make it easier for everyone involved. Read on and find out how!

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