10 Scary reasons you could be itchy "down there"

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Experiencing itchiness below the belt is one of the most annoying and uncomfortable sensations on this planet. The reason for the pesky symptom could be as simple as the type of underwear you wear or something more severe. Here, we break own all of the sneaky reasons you could be itchy down there. Be sure you know what's causing the issue so you can get back to feeling relief! 

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10 Amazing pregnancy apps that will make your life a breeze

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No one said pregnancy was easy, but smartphone apps are attempting to make everything more bearable for expecting moms. I have developed an arsenal of digital tools that help me feel more informed, empowered and ready to give birth in two months. Here'a a rundown of the top ten pregnancy apps to help you go through the next nine months like a pro. 

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Novio de Paulina Rubio la defiende de Colate + 13 momentos escandalosos de la cantante con su ex

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Paulina Rubio no la tiene fácil últimamente, las demandas económicas de su ex, las de sus abogados y la serie de escándalos que la siguen, la tienen en un punto muy vulnerable. Su novio, Gerardo Bazúa, finalmente habla públicamente y la defiende con todo... ¡Está harto de Colate!

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12 Latino stars dominating Netflix right now

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Latinos are taking over Netflix, which is making our viewing addiction even stronger. Earlier this summer, the company announced the launch of several new original series "for Mexico, the U.S., Latin America and the world." It's a global takeover that has our stars leading in the forefront. Here are the new and familiar faces we love on Netflix--and they're dominating our queues!

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David Zepeda envía cariñoso mensaje a su perro + 22 famosos que mueren por sus mascotas


No vas a creer la ternura de foto que publicó David Zepeda. Con motivo del Día Internacional del Perro, decidió dedicarle un mensajito muy lindo a una de sus mascotas. Ya ni a su novia le envía palabras tan románticas y esa adoración la comparten otros 22 famosos, ¡Míralos!

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11 Celebrities who defend Jorge Ramos & blast Donald Trump

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The Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump face-off at the presidential candidate's conference earlier this week lit a firestorm on social media. Countless Latinos praised the Mexican journalist's persistence and shared their outrage after Trump ejected Ramos from the room. Our favorite Latino celebrities also showed their support for Ramos and ripped Trump to pieces!

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Snooki + 10 celebs who have stood by their men after cheating scandals

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Snooki is not having it! The reality television star recently responded to allegations that her husband Jionni LaValle had an account with the infidelity dating site Ashley Madison. You have to read her reaction! It sounds like Snooki is sticking by her man and she isn't the only one. These 10 other celebrities also forgave infidelities and always supported their cheating (or rumored cheating!) partners. 

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Kylie Jenner moves like Shakira + 9 other things you didn't know about the teen (VIDEO)

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While most 18 year olds are busy going back to college or working an entry level job, Kylie Jenner is doing what she does best--posting sexy Snapchat videos. The reality television star recently posted a provacative clip of herself belly dancing in a sports bra. Clearly, she has learned a thing or two from watching Shakira's music videos. Watch below and judge for yourself! 

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Prometido de Sofía Vergara revela los problemas que tuvo con el alcohol


El actor Joe Manganiello, prometido de Sofia Vergara, habló en una entrevista de sus problemas con el alcohol, que le llevaron a aislarse socialmente durante su adolescencia y a cometer delitos robando en tiendas, además de impedirle trabajar a lo largo de cuatro años de adulto. Entérate quiénes más han sufrido de este problema.

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Esenciales para la Escuela

8 Tech gadgets your kids should have for back to school


From new backpacks and trendy clothes to that lengthy required supplies list, you're probably knee deep in back-to-school purchases that at times may seem rather excessive, but try not to be too quick to brush off what may seem like outlandish requests from your kiddos. There are actually quite a few tech gadgets out there that can help your kids be safer, more prepared and more efficient in the new school year. 

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