30 Beautiful Biblical baby names for your little angel


Nowadays everyone is trying to one-up everyone else with the originality of their baby name choices. Nothing is off limits. You wanna name your kid Basket? There is probably somebody else who named their kid Canasta, which is really just basket in another language. That's cool and all, but there is something to be said for traditional names, don't you think?

Maybe it has to do with growing up Mexican and under the heavy influence of Catholicism, but I have a soft spot for Biblical baby names. Not because I'm religious, just because these are the names I grew up with and I like them, they are beautiful so let's not forget about them.

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Chiquis Rivera shares moving message about mom Jenni + a timeline of their rocky relationship

jenni PHOTOS

Today would have marked Jenni Rivera's 46th birthday. The day is bitter sweet for La Diva De La Banda's family and children: Chiquis, Michael, Johnny, Jenicka, and Jacquie. The Rivera family plans on putting aside their pain by honoring Jenni with a local celebration in her native Long Beach, which will feature music, carnival rides and a 500-person birthday cake for fans to share.

Chiquis, who was estranged from Jenni before her death, wrote an emotional message along with a photo dedicated to her mom. A day like today must be especially difficult for Chiquis, who had an estranged relationship with Jenni before her tragic death. You have to read Chiquis' tearful dedication and take a look back at this mother and daughter's rocky relationship. 

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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck: A Timeline of their love


Since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck confirmed the end of their 10-year marriage, it seems like many are hoping the original Bennifer makes a comeback. I have to admit, I'm one of those people. After J.Lo was given that 6-carat pink diamond engagement ring in 2002, she was like the Boricua Cinderella in my eyes who had found the ultimate prince charming. Life had a different plan for these two, and while Affleck met a new Jen, J.Lo went on to marry Marc Anthony. Now that they're both divorced, their paths may meet again. Especially with the recent rumors involving these two! Click through to reminisce on their romance and find out why a rebound hook-up in the future may be possible! 

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Salma Hayek's husband accused of cheating + 16 rumored celeb players

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Any man who has the gall to cheat on Salma Hayek should be given a chancletazo and put on time-out for the rest of his life. Word is that the Mexican beauty's husband of 6 years, Francois-Henri Pinault, has been cheating with a 49-year-old French politician named Rachida Dati. Now, Pinault may not be the most attractive hombre out there, but he does have a fortune worth $13 billion. All that green is enough to get some women to play the mistress! Hayek doesn't seem to be paying any mind to the chismes, but who knows what is really going on behind closed doors. Hayek isn't the only star who's faced with a rumored cheater. Click through to find out other celebrities who reportedly love serving cuernos

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Kim Kardashian's 10 craziest secrets revealed


Kim Kardashian lives her life like an open book and it seems like no matter what she does, the world finds out about it somehow. For her latest Rolling Stone cover story, the reality television star made some pretty intimate revelations about her life, which I wasn't expecting. This inspired me to dig up more facts about Kim that are buried deep in the inter-web. Find out what she had to say about her underwear preference and more crazy facts about Kim that you never knew about. Some of these will make you see her in a different light! 

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Ninel Conde flaunts her new faja + 11 celebrities who swear by waist training

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Ninel Conde is all about dishing her faja secrets, which makes it easy to love and hate her. I mean, the Mexican star was rocking abs just a few months after giving birth to her son Emmanuel last year. Apparently, she owes it all to her exclusive faja made of the latest technology that promises to suck your chichos in and form a tinier waist. With waist training becoming the latest celebrity fad, I admire Conde for making a business out of the trend. Check out her latest faja, how much you can expect to pay and eleven other celebrities that swear by our longtime beauty secret! 

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Girl has 5-ft long hairball removed from stomach + 11 INCREDIBLE medical miracles that'll shock you


A teen girl in India named Kavita Kumari was addicted to eating hair and the situation got really... well, hairy. The 15-year-old would reportedly eat hair from the floor or even pluck her classmates hair out and eat it. As if that's not bizarre enough, Kumari lost her appetite for food and vomited whenever she was force fed. Her strange addiction led her to suffer from severe abdominal pain and doctors had to perform an endoscopy. A medical surgeon removed a five-foot long hairball from Kumari's stomach and the image is hair-raising! Check out the photo along with eleven of the craziest medical miracles we've ever heard of! 

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Jennifer Lopez shares ADORABLE pic with daughter Emme + Max & Emme's cutest photos EVER!

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Now that Jennifer Lopez is done touring and filming American Idol, the Boricua mami has had more time to hang out with her 7-year-old twins Max and Emme. I never thought I would witness J.Lo "slow down," but the time off seems to be allowing her to create more beautiful memories with her little ones. A week ago she posted the image above and wrote, "I spy a little angel on my shoulder." How sweet! There's nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter. J.Lo didn't stop there. Today she shared the most adorable photo with her "mini me," also known as her "coconut," and it's going to melt your heart! 

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10 Ways to save your thinning hair


I've lost a lot of hair over the past year or so. My strands have been to hell and back after some bad heat-styling decisions and much damage. Right now my hair is still slowly recovering from everything, but I've finally managed to get the thinning to stop.

I've been nurturing, nourishing and styling my hair for years, but no one ever told me that heat-styling could ruin your texture and even lead to hair loss. Ugh! When I first noticed my hair was thinning out, I literally cried. But these days I'm putting on my big girl pants and fighting hair loss. Here are seven tips that are helping my hair grow back thicker and healthier!

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¡Felicidades Adamari!

Adamari López invites all of Puerto Rico to Alaïa's baptism + 14 adorable photos of her baby girl

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Baby Alaïa is preparing to celebrate a huge milestone! Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa's daughter is getting baptized in Puerto Rico and apparently the entire island is invited. What a celebration! Lopez shared exclusively, "I want everyone who has shown their support and shared their blessings to celebrate this beautiful moment with us and my daughter." I love that Lopez enjoys sharing all of these memories with her fans. We are all tios and tias afterall! Lopez, who will be returning to Un Nuevo Día on July 6th, also shared all of the baptism details. Click through to find out all of the details! 

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