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4 Gorgeous gender-neutral nursery ideas


As a soon-to-be-parent, you may choose not to find out the sex of your baby, or even if you do, you could decide that when it comes to the nursery you'd rather forgo traditional pinks and blues and stick to something more neutral that can grow with your child. But the makers of all things baby tend to be a little gender obsessed, so it can be difficult to outfit a non-traditional room or a room for multiples of both sexes.

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WATCH: 280 lb woman gets paid to do WHAT to men?

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Do you know a guy who just can't get enough of plus-size models? Because if you do, you might want to bring his attention to Amazon Amanda. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound model is almost too much woman for any man to handle and yet she gets paid to let them try. Men will fork over money so that the giant fetish model can crush them, wrestle with them or just stroll down the street with all eyes on them. Wait until you see the video of her in action!

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Naya Rivera marries Ryan Dorsey just weeks after splitting from Big Sean


I had to do a double take this morning because I thought I misunderstood when I heard that Naya Rivera got married this weekend. Naturally I questioned it because one, I had no idea she was seeing someone new, and two, didn't she JUST break up with ex-fiance Big Sean in April?!

Much to my surprise, Naya did indeed move on to someone new, actor Ryan Dorsey and they DID get married this weekend!

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5 Dangerous kitchen items you need to replace ASAP

kitchen PHOTOS

Listen, I know that it can be really hard to get rid of things that seem like they are still perfectly useful. Especially if you are the kind of person that gets emotionally attached to things, but what if I were to tell you that holding on to certain items that you have in the kitchen can actually be dangerous? Yes, there are items in your kitchen that you need to get rid of right now for the health of your family.

Now that you know it is for the good of your family, I'm hoping that it will make it easier for you to say buh-bye to these things and replace them even if your kid gives you grief because they have more kitchen trash to take out.

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SEE: Jennifer Lopez shows off flawless bikini body just days before her 45th bday


Jennifer Lopez is a freak of nature and we mean that in the best way possible. It seems like dancing and performing for decades has done J.Lo a body good. The Puerto Rican pop star, who is just two days away from celebrating her 45th birthday, recently posted a bikini picture looking hotter than ever! No, seriously…

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6 Surprising uses for baby products around the house


We live in a world where the worldwide recession is making many of us change the way we do things. Many times we have to improvise. And who's better at improvisation than us Latina moms? Well, one of the best-kept secrets is how well some of our babies' products work around the house. You'll be surprised to know which products you can "steal" from your little ones for other non-baby related uses.

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Beyonce proves her family is strong as ever with these 7 photos

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Ever since the surveillance video capturing Solange whaling on Jay-Z inside a hotel elevator went viral, rumors have been flying about Jay-Z and Beyoncé heading for divorce. In an effort to squash the rumors, Beyoncé herself took to Instagram on Monday, sharing a heart-warming photo in which she's pictured with her hubby and their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In the snap, Blue is between her two parents, swinging in the air as each of them holds onto one of her little hands. No caption accompanied the snap, but the message seemed clear--the Carters are one big happy family ... or are they?

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Have these 8 celebs had nose jobs?

jessica PHOTOS

I was browsing through some old photos of Jessica Alba the other day and couldn't help but notice there was something different. Alba is one of the last celebrities I'd ever associate with plastic surgery, but her nose bridge does look a lot thinner than it looked back in 2008. Could she have undergone rhinoplasty? Who knows but these two side-by-side photos say a lot!

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8 Surprising benefits of bananas

Beneficios PHOTOS

Bananas aren't just for smoothies! Oh no, this delicious fruit holds a ton of secrets that can literally change your life. I know you're not going to believe some of the surprising benefits of this common fruit--read on!

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5 Best products for stretch mark prevention


Every woman knows that getting rid of pesky stretch marks is no easy task. We're all looking for that miracle treatment that will leave our skin instantly smooth and scar-free, but unfortunately, that doesn't exist. "There are ways to improve the appearance with both creams and lasers, but it's nearly impossible to clear them 100 percent," Neutrogena dermatologist, Dr. Janelle Vega told us. "When I explain to patients how we can improve their stretch marks, I tell them they will look airbrushed, but it will never look 100 percent perfect." There might not be a quick-fix to stretch marks, but there are definitely products out there that help!

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