Walter Mercado's app + 10 other surprising things about the TV psychic

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Walter Mercado has a new project that he's working on with mucho, mucho, amor! The Puerto Rican astrologer is reportedly releasing his own astrology mobile app, which will include tarot card readings, daily quotes and your daily horoscope, of course. It's pretty amazing that the 84-year-old even knows what an app does! Must abuelos haven't retired their flip phones yet! Perhaps the stars told him this would be a hit. Mercado has lived a long life filled with a lot of amor and dinero. What was he up to before he became a money making spiritual genius? Click through to find out!

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Cash Warren surprises Jessica Alba with THIS on their wedding anniversary!

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Jessica Alba seems to have it all and sometimes it's hard not to hate on her just a little. Within her lifetime, she has managed to have a successful Hollywood career, maintain her beautiful figure, launch a billion-dollar company, get married to the man of her dreams and have two beautiful children. And I'm not even touching on her amazing home and walk-in closet! With a life like Alba's it seems like everything is just meant to go your way. Cash and Jessica met on the set of Fantastic Four back in 2004 and eloped in 2008. 

For her 7-year wedding anniversary, her husband Cash Warren posted the sweetest message any woman would melt over. You have to read it! 

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Kylie Jenner isn't even 18 & she just bought a $2.7 million mansion (PHOTOS)

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Kylie Jenner is not even 18 yet and she already has the perfect pad to celebrate her newfound adult freedom. The youngest Kardashian sister purchased a lavish $2.7 million mansion in her hometown of Calabasas, California. The irony is that Kylie is still too young to even pop champagne in honor of this milestone. Honestly, I would have pushed her to get a college education before dropping so much money on a mansion. Why does someone her age need so much independence anyway? She clearly doesn't have a Latina mom. Wait until you see what the house looks like!

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10 Unexpected ways your body changes during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most amazing blessing a woman could experience in life. I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and uncovering all of the weird and beautiful physical changes that comes with pregnancy. It's truly amazing how our bodies transform and undergo so many magical stages within 40 weeks. Our bodies are working extra hard to welcome a new life to this world, so we should honor it and even be grateful for the not so great symptoms we have to face too. Here's a detailed overview of amazing ways your body evolves during pregnancy. 

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Kim Kardashian reveals truth about how she hooked up with Kanye West


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seemed like an odd match when they first got together. She was famous for that popular X-rated tape, a reality show and a 72-day marriage, and he was all about his artistry and going on explosive philosophical tangents. I get the whole ying and yang theory, but their union has just never made much sense to me until now. Mrs. West opened up to Access Hollywood about her relationship with the rapper and how they actually got together. Her confession about how their romance started back in 2012 is pretty shocking! I definitely wasn't expecting this.

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Angelica Vale takes her friendship with Adamari Lopez to a whole new level!

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Adamari Lopez and Angelica Vale's friendship has lasted longer than most celebrity marriages! The besties met on the set of the telenovela Amigas y Rivales back in 2001 and have been inseparable ever since. Now the two beautiful Latinas are mothers and love celebrating their family lives together. Recently, Vale decided to honor Lopez in the best way possible. This is going to connect the good friends for life! Wait until you read her message. It says it all! 

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12 Events that prove Chiquis Rivera has grown into her own woman


It's hard to believe that Chiquis Rivera was just in her early 20's when we first met her on her family's reality show, I Love Jenni. The 29-year-old has grown into her own skin in recent years and really shown the world what she's made of. She went from becoming a beauty salon owner to launching a full blown singing career. Rivera is about to drop her highly anticipated debut album Ahora on June 2. I'm sure her mother, Jenni Rivera, would be so proud of her new production and these 12 milestones Chiquis has accomplished. She has definitely claimed her womanhood! 

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Alejandro Chabán's belly busting foods + 5 others you must try to banish the bulge!

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Celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Alejandro Chabán recently shared five key foods to help blast belly fat fast! Because when it comes to slimming down, losing that pesky belly fat could be the hardest challenge of all. Sometimes it feels like no matter how many miles you run or sit-ups you do, you still end up being able to grab those love handles. For me, it's especially difficult to lose lower belly fat. The issue is that fat is great at storing itself in the abdominal area. The trick to blasting the belly fat fast is to eat certain foods that speed up digestion and improve your metabolism. You have to check out Chabán's top picks and five additional ingredients we swear by! 

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12 Jennifer Lopez nude dresses that are unreal

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Jennifer Lopez proved one thing at last night's Billboard Awards--she's the queen of the sheer nude gowns. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian may have been inspired by the Boricua stunner's go-to fashion look during the MET Gala recently, but J.Lo always manages to nail the signature style better than the rest. Yes, her fashion choices have gotten predictable at this point, but why fix what isn't broken? J.Lo knows what works for her body and always rocks sheer confidence no matter where she goes. What was shocking to look at was how many times Lopez has chosen a nude outfit! 

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10 Reasons Adamari Lopez rocks as a mami!

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Adamari Lopez is celebrating her 44th birthday today! There are few celebrities that you feel like you know intimately and are friends in your head. The Puerto Rican star is definitely one of those people. Her beautiful spirit shines bright and radiates across the television set. For months, we have followed Lopez's pregnancy and shared her joy of welcoming her daughter Alaïa. She has overcome so many struggles and serves as an inspiration to all of us. In honor of her birthday, we're counting down the reasons why Lopez makes a wonderful mami.  

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