Christina Aguilera celebrates baby shower with a vagina cake!

Giving birth isn't exactly a piece of cake (at least for most), but Christina Aguilera, who is expecting her second child, is making the best of it.
According to E! Online, the pregnant pop star, and her fiancé Matthew Rutler, celebrated their baby shower on Saturday with an 'awesomely graphic cake' of a woman's vagina giving birth. It's a hot new trend in baby showers, but I still haven't quite wrapped my head around it.
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Angélica Vale revela complicaciones con su segundo embarazo

Más allá de estar feliz porque será mamá por segunda vez, la guapa histrión mexicana Angélica Vale está pasando las de Caín con este embarazo, pues según ella misma afirmó, los malestares han sido mucho más fuertes que cuando debutó como primeriza.

No han sido tanto los antojos, sino temas de salud que le han hecho ver esta panza mucho más complicada y voluminosa que la anterior. Aunque suene extraño, todo parece tener un motivo ¡Entérate lo que contó!

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Satcha Pretto gives birth to a baby boy!

Satcha Pretto and her husband now know what real love is because the couple's first child, Bruce Aaron Butler, was born on Saturday.

Another dream come true for the Honduran journalist!

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Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley gives birth to healthy baby girl!


A huge congrats is in order for Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley and her fiancé Roger Mathews. The couple welcomed a healthy 7-pound baby girl Sunday after Jwoww went in to the hospital for an induced labor. The part Spanish, part Irish Jersey Shore star had a relatively difficult pregnancy, so I imagine she was super relieved.

Wait till you hear what she and her future hubby named their daughter! It is just too precious!

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5 Razones que te harán ODIAR el sexo durante el embarazo


¿Cuántas de nosotras no hemos escuchado este cuento? Supuestamente el sexo durante el embarazo es el que más se disfruta. Sin embargo, existen razones válidas –explicadas por mujeres reales y no científicos— que confirman que el sexo en esta etapa es el peor. Entiendan hombres, no es que no queremos… ¡Es que no podemos!

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Tips para protegerte de las alergias durante el embarazo


Las alergias son una de las preocupaciones frecuentes de las embarazadas porque hay muchos mitos alrededor de poder tomar medicamentos para aliviarlas durante la gestación.

Se dice que la condición del embarazo no permite el uso de medicinas contra las alergias que pudieran poner en riesgo la salud el bebé. Sin embargo, hay expertos que aseguran que a pesar de que no hay una prueba científica que lo corrobore, sí es importante esperar al término del primer trimestre donde ocurre la formación del bebé.

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FALSO: Durante el embarazo NO tienes que comer por dos

Eso que se decía en tiempos de nuestras abuelas: "Si estás embarazada tienes que comer por dos", hace rato que los médicos lo han descartado como un patrón de alimentación. Porque ateniendo al viejo consejo, algunas mujeres pueden llegar a ganar un exceso de peso durante la gestación, que lo único que puede traerle son complicaciones de salud, que son las que debemos evitar a toda costa.

El tema de alimentación y el peso de una mujer embarazada es probablemente, la clave para tener un embarazo feliz y que llegue a buen término. Sigue leyendo y entérate de más.

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Snooki flashes her baby baby bump & it's super cute!


Boy, how things change! Once known for her drunken exploits on MTV's Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has now settled into a life of domestic bliss with her fiancé Jionni LaValle and their son, Lorenzo, who will turn 2 in August. The former reality star quit drinking and smoking, lost 42 pounds within six months of giving birth to her son, and adopted a challenging workout regimen that transformed her entire figure. Now, seven months pregnant with her second child, Snooki is intent on maintaining her healthy habits, even continuing her exercise routine with the help of her personal trainer. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old posted a photo of herself on Twitter standing next to Lorenzo clad in a black sports bra and black leggings, her baby bump uncovered, and her bicep flexed to reveal a bulging muscle. You have to see it, it's SUPER cute!

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SEE: Eva Mendes is trying TOO hard to hide her baby bump!


I knew once news broke that Eva Mendes was carrying Ryan Gosling's baby that it would send women everywhere into a frenzy. Some people gave them well wishes, while others who thought Ryan would be the future father of their children, were--for lack of a better word--pissed.

While these ladies were bugging out over the man of their dreams being snatched away from them, poor Eva was trying to avoid paparazzi. Wait till you see the hilarious picture of her trying to hide that bump!

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WATCH: Dad films his wife's entire delivery in front of hospital! (GRAPHIC)


At 1:35 a.m. on June 28, Troy Dickerson of Rosenberg, Texas, attached a GoPro camera to his head while driving his pregnant wife, Kristin Dickerson, to a nearby hospital so she could deliver their baby. The expectant father hoped to film every detail of the child's birth--including the frantic moments leading to his delivery--just as he'd done with his first two children: 4-year-old Turner and 2-year-old Tillman. The extremely graphic 10-minute video turned out to be rather eventful--particularly given that his wife was at such an advanced stage of labor that she never even made it into the delivery room, instead giving birth to the child in front of the hospital, just steps away from their vehicle. Can you believe it? You HAVE to see this video though!

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