SEE: Evelyn Lozada's fabulous post-baby bod!

It's hard to believe that it hasn't even been a month since Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada gave birth to her second child, son Carl Leo. She recently posted some shots of herself via Instagram showing off her slimmed-down figure and I can't believe how much baby weight she's already lost. She doesn't even look like she was pregnant. Her body looks AMA-ZING!

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Almost all Brazilian get C-sections for the most messed up reason ever!

Ever wondered why most Brazilian women get C-sections rather than having natural births? Well, it's not because they request it and it's usually not due to labor complications either.

In fact, most of these women are obligated to get them done and have little to no say about it and the reason is pretty messed up. 

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Jaime Camil revela el sexo de su segundo bebé ¡y es tremenda noticia!


A sus 40 años, el actor Jaime Camil no podría sentirse más satisfecho, al enterarse del sexo del bebé que espera con la modelo Heidi Balvarena, de 38. No sé pero estoy tan emocionada como ellos mismos.

Con cuatro meses de embarazo, la esposa del famoso histrión visitó a su ginecólogo en la capital mexicana ¡en bicicleta!, lo cual da a entender que sus días de espera transcurren en total normalidad.

Bueno, el bebé que viene en camino es ...

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JWoww & 7 other celebs who kept it real about pregnancy


Besties Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi are both pregnant at the same time! They even walked the red carpet together at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday showing off their matching baby bumps. But unlike Snooki, JWoww isn't exactly having the easiest pregnancy. In fact, she hates it! "She [Snooki] loves being pregnant right now and I f---ing hate it," JWoww told Us Weekly. Hey, at least she kept it real!

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Nació la supuesta hija de Cristian Castro, ¡pero él todavía la niega!


Este sábado en Bogotá, Colombia, llegó al mundo la bebita que Cristian Castro presuntamente esperaba junto a su ex novia, Paola Erazo, así como lo informa la revista TV y Novelas.

El gran ausente de la noche fue el intérprerte mexicano, pues sus dudas sobre ser realmente el padre de la criatura aún lo mantienen alejado de ella. Una prueba de ADN será la que determinará si la niña, a quien su madre llamará Rafaela Castro, es realmente descendiente de El Gallito Feliz. Esta como rara la cosa...



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Pregnant mom of 4 guarantees that THIS is the way to lose baby weight


Apparently, a significant number of women are still measuring their self-worth based on how they look in a bikini and it's really disturbing. During a recent interview, Australian personal trainer Sharny Kieser, who is poised to give birth to her fifth child in July, encouraged mothers to photograph themselves in bikinis after achieving their fitness goals. According to Kieser, these images would serve as motivation so that mothers who worked hard to shed pounds would never again gain excess weight and "let themselves go." She encouraged the use of bikini glamour shoots for all moms-- including new mothers wanting to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

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Police officer delivers his own baby in cop car!

When Hawaii police officer Mario Ochoa's wife, Ryan, went into labor last week, the couple figured they had plenty of time to get to the hospital--especially since the birth of their first baby had taken about 30 hours. But it seems baby number two just didn't want to wait!

While driving to the hospital, Ryan's contractions got visibility more severe. The labor continued to pick up pace until 10 miles from the hospital, when the couple realized they were never going to make it there in time. That's when Ochoa sprung into action.

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Pregnant mom finds out that the twins she is carrying are NOT hers!


Correct me if I am wrong, but when a woman gets pregnant using IVF technology, I imagine that she has had a difficult journey to pregnancy. In vitro fertilization is certainly not the first way someone tries to get pregnant. That's why once someone does get pregnant using IVF it must feel like such a gift. The kind of gift that you want nothing to go wrong with. The last thing you want to hear is that after all you've been through to get pregnant, you are now accidentally pregnant with someone else's biological twins. Ugh, that is exactly what is happening to an Italian woman. It's the stuff of nightmares. Wait until you find out more of the details.

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Pregnancy saved this mom's life

Amy Hansen of Fort Collins, Colorado, credits her son Gavin, now 5 months old, with saving her life. The 29-year-old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the early stages of her pregnancy--a disease that might have gone undetected for months or even years had it not been for her desire to be extra cautious while bearing a child. But it was her pregnancy that helped her find out about the incurable disease she was suffering from ...

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SEE: Jacqueline Bracamontes shares first photos of daughter Carolina!

It does not take much to convince me to take a look at baby pictures. Uh-uh, I love them. That's why I was so excited to see that the blissfully pregnant Jaqueline Bracamontes shared the first public picture of her soon-to-be-born second daughter, Carolina. The baby isn't due until July, but thanks to both the modern wonders of medicine and social media we all get to peep at the growing beauty that is Carolina while she is still in the womb.

Wanna see the picture?

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