Amamantar no te protegerá de un nuevo embarazo


Pienso que antiguamente muchas mujeres confiaban en que mientras amamantaban a sus pequeños, estaban protegidas de no volver a embarazarse, y me contaba mi abuela que si funcionaba, pero eran otros tiempos. La mujer llevaba una vida dedicada al hogar y se protegía naturalmente. Hoy las mujeres estamos envueltas en una dinámica más acelerada, y todo ello ha cambiado también la manera como se comporta nuestro cuerpo. Según una especialista en obstetricia, la lactancia materna da un margen de protección contra un nuevo embarazo, pero no es totalmente confiable. ¡Aja! Después no digas que no te lo dije…sigue leyendo porque este tema nos interesa a todas. 

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10 Latina celebs who looked perfect while pregnant


Zoe Saldana has to be one of the prettiest pregnant women I've ever seen in my life. She was glowing at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood Costume Opening party last week, locking arms with her handsome artist hubby, Marco Perego. Not only did she look gorgeous but she seemed very comfortable and confident. What's this chica's secret? Well for starters, Zoe doesn't believe in neglecting your looks while pregnant. She even spoke about it in an interview with People magazine.

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It's safe to drink while pregnant, but is it right?


Is it ever okay to drink while pregnant? My gut says no but my mind knows that I drank alcohol before I knew I had conceived. In fact, it is most likely that many children are conceived after a couple glasses of wine or pints of beer. New guidelines say that after the 12th week of pregnancy, a glass of wine once or twice a week for the duration is perfectly okay now. What?

Apparently, up until the 80's women were advised to drink a pint of stout to help elevate dwindling iron levels. I had always heard that a glass of wine in the last trimester was perfectly okay and earlier in the century women drank as they pleased, at will. So, it leads one to consider that pregnancy has not changed, so what about alcohol has changed the rules? Science.

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5 Cosas que hay que evitar al tener relaciones sexuales durante el embarazo


Mi médico se debió cansar de asegurarle a mi marido que tener relaciones sexuales durante el embarazo, no era dañino para mí o el bebé, sino que era hasta positivo. Sé que no es el único hombre al que lo persigue la idea de causar algún problema en un arranque de pasión.

Las relaciones sexuales durante el embarazo pueden ser las mejores de tu vida, pero no hay que asumir que tu cuerpo no ha cambiado o que hay un obstáculo inmenso en el camino, que solamente se hará más grande a medida que vayan pasando los meses. Pero como todo, la solución es sencilla, sólo hay que tomar en cuenta estas 5 cosas que de verdad no debes hacer.

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20 Old school baby names inspired by our abuelos

Our abuelos and abuelas inspire us in so many ways. More and more parents-to-be are deciding to stick with vintage, or, shall we say, classic names as a way of honoring their ancestors. With so many new baby name trends to pick from, sticking to traditional names is a nice way of keeping it in the family. The best part of it is that a lot of these old school names have interesting meanings behind them. Check out 20 baby names that are inspired by our grandparents. 

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Ana Patricia muestra la primera foto de su bebé y da la fecha de su parto


La emoción de Ana Patricia, la conductora de Despierta América, por su embarazo es contagiosa. Hasta me tiene a mí, que tengo la fábrica cerrada, añorando esa época tan linda de las panzas en la que todo es novedad. En especial esa primera ecografía en la que le ves la cara a tu bebé.

¿Cómo lo sé? No hace falta más que encender la televisión y poner Despierta América. Se nota que Ana Patricia está casi que flotando en el aire de la felicidad. Pero además, la alegría se ha desbordado hasta las redes sociales, donde la conductora ya colocó la primera foto de su bebé.

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Possible dangers of drinking water during pregnancy


As if pregnant women don't have enough to worry about, now a common contaminant in drinking water is something that pregnant women need to watch out for. A chemical called tetrachloroethylene (PCE) can cause stillbirths and other pregnancy complications. Basically, if you are pregnant and drinking water because heaven knows you need to stay hydrated without even knowing it, you might be setting yourself up for a stillbirth or some other issue. Ni lo mande Díos!

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Woman born without a uterus gives birth to miracle baby

A 36-year-old woman who was born without a uterus has finally given birth for the first time ever. The baby boy was born prematurely but still healthy, weighing 4 lbs. How amazing is that? I know what you're probably thinking, how in the world can someone get pregnant without a uterus? Well they can't, that's why this story is so incredible. Wait until you hear the entire thing!

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Lista para el bebé

Ninel Conde shares surprising picture of her baby boy

Baby Emmanuel is almost ready to make his grand entrance to the world! Ninel Conde's baby boy has had plenty attention straight from the womb! The Mexican star is expected to give birth in the next two weeks and recently posted a 3D sonogram image of her little baby. Those grey sonogram pics are as freaky as they are endearing and by the looks of it, little baby E is going to be one handsome little guy. 

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Lista para el bebé

Couples' priceless reaction to expecting 2 sets of identical twins!

Miracles happen in unexpected ways. A Utah couple struggled with infertility for nearly eight years and recently discovered they are pregnant with two sets of identical twins. Talk about getting what you wish for. The 27-year-old mom to be was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disorder that makes excess tissue grow outside of the uterus, which makes it very difficult to conceive. Ashley and Tyson Gardner got pregnant with IVF treatments and miraculously ended up with one of the rarest types of pregnancies. Their reaction when finding out the baby news was priceless!  

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