Crazy woman fakes pregnancy, dupes couples desperate to adopt

I'd heard of adoption scams before but this one beats them all! Two couples have recently outed an unidentified 36-year-old woman who had faked a pregnancy and promised her unborn child to both Kevin and Becky Clark from Ohio and Jeff and Kayla Hall from South Carolina. How conniving can someone be to do such a thing? Oh, and wait till you hear how they found out it was all a big fat lie!

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Morirás de envidia cuando veas cómo salió Lola Ponce del hospital tras dar a luz


Es impresionante la recuperación de una famosa a horas de haber dado a luz. Muérete de la envidia--como lo han hecho muchas--pues Lola Ponce, la esposa del bomboncito de Aaron Díaz, salió del hospital donde tuvo a su segunda hija, como si hubiera ido a visitar a una amiga. Tacones altos, shorts y caminando como Pedro por su casa. Impresionante la recuperación de esta argentina que ha provocado cantidad de comentarios por lucir espectacular. ¿Cuál es el pecado?

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5 Junk food replacements for a healthy pregnancy

Zoe Saldana is just like us! Well, sort of. The 36-year-old mother-to-be isn't shying away from her junk food cravings while pregnant with her first child (photo after the break). The Hollywood actress was snapped enjoying a bag of Doritos while hitting up a Target store in West Hollywood, California. Saldana, who is about four months along, recently confirmed her pregnancy while nominating her husband Marco Perego for the ALS ice bucket challenge. We bet Saldana doesn't get to indulge in junk food that often so she must be loving the chance to do it during her pregnancy. 

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WATCH: An entire pregnancy in just 6 seconds!

pregnancy PHOTOS

I'm a big fan of pregnancy time lapse videos. I find them all kinds of adorable and fascinating. Make no mistake that I have viewed more than my fair share of them, even so I am captivated by the latest one I've watched created by a couple in the fair city I'm lucky enough to call home: San Francisco, California. Ian Padgham and his wife, Claire Pasquier, collaborated and put together a time lapse video chronicling Pasquier's pregnancy that they posted on Vine. Do you get what I'm saying? Since the video was posted on Vine it means that it is only six seconds long. This couple managed to capture an entire pregnancy in just six seconds and it is pretty amazing.

You have to check it out below. I mean what do you have to lose? It's only SIX seconds long !

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Cómo evitar el MAL ALIENTO durante el embarazo


El mal aliento es un problema que afecta a millones de personas, en diferentes etapas de la vida y por muy diferentes razones a cada una. En las mujeres, una de las mayores preocupaciones es cuando ese mal aliento inicia durante la etapa del embarazo, ya que es más difícil conocer las verdaderas causas, debido a los drásticos cambios hormonales que hacen de las suyas en todo tu organismo. Hay muchas maneras de combatir el mal aliento y sobre todo prevenirlo.

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MIRA: Ninel Conde es soprendida con otro bellísimo baby shower


Un baby shower más para Ninel Conde y los regalos que recibió fueron de muchos amigos súper espléndidos. Parece que esta celebración fue de sorpresa, organizada por amigas bien cercanas a la cantante. Cuando veas la mesa de regalos y la decoración del lugar coincidirás que es una de las embarazadas más suertudas del planeta.

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7 Easy & nutritious smoothies perfect for pregnancy


The first three months of pregnancy can be sheer hell. Not all women are plagued by morning sickess but many of us feel queasy most of the time. So what can we eat while feeling bloated and being constipated 24/7?

On the one hand we need to nourish our baby, but we don't want to balloon up in the process. The perfect food does exist for us though. Smoothies! To help you survive the first trimester, here are some easy  smart and tasty recipes for smoothies.

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Miracle baby born after 13 miscarriages


There is no way that I will be able to make it through the story of Awais Haider, a miracle baby if there ever was one, withoug crying. So don't mind the soggy post or shaky typing. You see, this beautiful baby boy was born to parents Haider Zaman and Ayshia Zaman after the couple experienced 13 miscarriages. Thirteen, people!!! Thirteen unbelievable heartbreaking losses. Over the course of 15 years, Aysha would get pregnant 13 times only to miscarry anywhere between six to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. She says, "I took a two–year rest gap and then plucked up courage for the 14th time. I felt it was my last chance and my last hope."

And this is where I start to cry because on July 10, she and Haider welcomed a healthy beautiful 6 pound baby boy into the world. I'm so happy that this couple found the help they needed to acheive their dream of becoming parents.

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Batido de jengibre para las náuseas del embarazo


Las náuseas mañaneras pueden llegar a convertirse en la pesadilla número uno de cualquier mujer haciendo de los primeros meses de gestación un total infierno y aunque, a decir verdad, eliminar el vómito y la fatiga del embarazo es casi imposible, este remedio promete ser la cura natural para esos males. ¡Te sorprenderán los resultados!

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Mascarilla para fortalecer el cabello en el embarazo


El embarazo te lleva a los extremos: o te regala una melena larga y sedosa o de plano te deja casi calva. Y si bien es cierto que las hormonas y la genética tiene mucho que ver, siempre existe uno que otro secretico de belleza capaz de devolverle la vida a tu cabello. ¡Te quedarás loca con los resultados de esta mascarilla!

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