10 Ways to pamper yourself during pregnancy​

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Are you pregnant? If you are then I urge you to pamper yourself like crazy. Especially if this is your first pregnancy. You deserve to pamper yourself while pregnant no matter what, but if this is your first pregnancy and you have no other children to take care of at the moment then you REALLY need to take advantage of these precious moments in your life. First pregnancy or not promise me you will treat yourself nice, okay? I've even got a great list of things I want you to do for yourself.

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How to perfectly capture your child's birth

Remember that moment that you gave birth? Remember that single moment of simultaneous elation and near death coinciding to produce a miracle? I do. I don't think it's something any of us could ever forget; the moment I became a mother. It is the single most profound moment of our lives and one we always want to remember; to preserve not only in our mind's eye, but on hardcopy.

My daughters were born in 2005 and 2007. With my first birth, we took lots of photos and had some great captures but had no idea what we were doing. My poor husband, it was our first birth and I had him snapping photos and shooting video. He was so busy that he missed out on cutting the baby's umbilical cord. That should've never happened. Every parent should get to enjoy and bask in those first few moments of parenthood, without having to multitask.

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5 Mistakes parent's make when picking baby names

Crazy names? You've heard them all, especially when it comes to celebrities' offsprings. They name their children after food, colors and even objects. It's getting a bit out of hand, don't you think? I mean, these poor kids have to grow up and use those names... If they don't follow their famous parents' footsteps, they'll be screwed!

Naming a child is difficult. Fortunately, these days there are lots of apps, books and websites dedicated to finding the perfect baby name. We are going to tell you what NOT to do when choosing your baby's name.

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Remedios caseros para combatir el dolor de cabeza durante el embarazo


Los dolores de cabeza son un fastidio y no es inusual que los padezcas por diferentes causas. Pueden ser provocados por tu menstruación, por el estrés, por la tensión y hasta por el embarazo. Y si en esta etapa te encuentras, es mucho más difícil poder tomarte una pastilla para deshacerte del dolorcito. Aquí tienes que ser muy paciente e intentar algunos remedios caseros para que se esfume ese dolor. Hay muchas maneras no solo de prevenirlos, pero desparecerlos por completo.

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Giovanni Medina estará presente en el parto de Ninel


Contando las horas para que nazca el bebé de Ninel Conde y el futuro papá Giovanni Medina afirma que estará la hora del parto. Pero bueno, eso era lo mínimo que podía hacer no. Además, cómo va a perder la oportunidad de brillar en un momento tan importante para Ninel. ¿Digo yo? Y es que te confieso que cuando se trata de Medina, a todo le veo moros con tranchete y eso de que tenga que usar las redes sociales para confirmar que sigue a lado de Ninel es bien cansón.

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Zoe Saldana can't control her pregnancy cravings

Eating for three is serious business! Zoe Saldana's pregnancy cravings are sweet and dangerous for the waistline, but who cares? The Dominican actress is expecting twins with her husband Marco Perego. The 36-year-old mother to be has been photographed snacking on chips, but she has been going for sweeter indulgences recently.

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Amelia Vega takes her first baby bump selfie!

Former Miss Universe Amelia Vega's baby bump is the cutest thing we have seen since her movie poster pregnancy announcement. Last month, the Dominican beauty confirmed that she and her husband Al Horford are expecting their first child. Vega's baby boy is due in March 2015 and she already has the pregnancy glow going on in full force! 

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Amamantar no te protegerá de un nuevo embarazo


Pienso que antiguamente muchas mujeres confiaban en que mientras amamantaban a sus pequeños, estaban protegidas de no volver a embarazarse, y me contaba mi abuela que si funcionaba, pero eran otros tiempos. La mujer llevaba una vida dedicada al hogar y se protegía naturalmente. Hoy las mujeres estamos envueltas en una dinámica más acelerada, y todo ello ha cambiado también la manera como se comporta nuestro cuerpo. Según una especialista en obstetricia, la lactancia materna da un margen de protección contra un nuevo embarazo, pero no es totalmente confiable. ¡Aja! Después no digas que no te lo dije…sigue leyendo porque este tema nos interesa a todas. 

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10 Latina celebs who looked perfect while pregnant


Zoe Saldana has to be one of the prettiest pregnant women I've ever seen in my life. She was glowing at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood Costume Opening party last week, locking arms with her handsome artist hubby, Marco Perego. Not only did she look gorgeous but she seemed very comfortable and confident. What's this chica's secret? Well for starters, Zoe doesn't believe in neglecting your looks while pregnant. She even spoke about it in an interview with People magazine.

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It's safe to drink while pregnant, but is it right?


Is it ever okay to drink while pregnant? My gut says no but my mind knows that I drank alcohol before I knew I had conceived. In fact, it is most likely that many children are conceived after a couple glasses of wine or pints of beer. New guidelines say that after the 12th week of pregnancy, a glass of wine once or twice a week for the duration is perfectly okay now. What?

Apparently, up until the 80's women were advised to drink a pint of stout to help elevate dwindling iron levels. I had always heard that a glass of wine in the last trimester was perfectly okay and earlier in the century women drank as they pleased, at will. So, it leads one to consider that pregnancy has not changed, so what about alcohol has changed the rules? Science.

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