Paulina Rubio might be PREGNANT! ​


Pregnancy chisme alert, amigas! This is a juicy one too. Okay, so rumor has it that Mexican singer and actress, Paulina Rubio, might be pregnant. You guys, she might have a little birote in the oven and that's kind of a big deal given that Rubio is not exactly a spring chicken. I mean she looks great, fit, youthful and all, but her ovaries and the rest of her are 43 years old, an age that is considered a bit advanced for pregnancy. Of course it's not impossible nor unheard of to get pregnant in your 40s, but I'm simply bringing up the obvious because it's, well, OBVIOUS.

So back to the pregnancy rumor and some more details about it ...

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Adamari López regresa con una barrigota y más linda que nunca

Estoy segura de que no fui la única que echó de menos a nuestra querida Adamari López en las pantallas de televisión todas las mañanas. La estrella boricua estuvo de vacaciones por España, presentando la barriga a la familia de su pareja, el bailarín y coreógrafo Toni Costa.

Adamari López regresó con una cara más feliz que nunca, descansada (no me puedo imaginar lo que los madrugonazos para llegar a Un nuevo día le deben estar costando) y con una sorpresota: la panza le creció muchísimo en 10 días. ¡Tienes que ver la foto!

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New mom gives birth to twins & didn't even know she was pregnant!​

Shelby Magnani was having some painful stomach cramps and she decided to go to the nearest walk-in clinic in a neighborhood in Ankeny, Iowa. It turned out that Shelby was very much pregnant with twins and had no idea. When the emergency doctors performed an ultrasound they realized that the babies were monoamniotic and they scheduled an emergency C-section. Baby Ava and her twin sister Anna were born small but otherwise healthy and will go home in a couple of weeks.

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Ninel Conde está a punto de dar a luz y sigue ejercitándose como loca


Es un hecho que Ninel Conde y sus visitas al gimnasio no terminan  y eso que le falta poquísimo tiempo para dar a luz al esperado Emmanuel. Publicó en su redes sociales un vídeo donde se le ve haciendo ejercicio a lado de su entrenadora que es la que está dando los consejitos a todas sus fans. ¡Si se puede! y a los casi 9 meses yo le agregaría si se puede, si se quiere. Es de admirar la dedicación y la disciplina de la cantante para tratar de mantener su figura y estoy segura que se verá como Lola la esposa de Aaron Díaz. Te apuesto a que saldrá del hospital casi con los mismos jeans con que comenzó el embarazo…¿Te muestro el vídeo?

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Remedio natural para aliviar la pesadez en las piernas durante el embarazo

Más que las ganas de hacer pipí a cada rato, los cambios de humor y los antojos rarísimos, diría que lo peor del embarazo es la pesadez las piernas. Y es que esos dolores son tan terribles que parecen no tener fin. Por suerte existe un remedio natural efectivo que promete aliviarte de inmediato. ¡Ya lo verás!

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Kourtney Kardashian needs to dump Scott Disick already

I guess having two children and one on the way hasn't taught this man to grow up. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship keeps getting more distant as her baby bump keeps on growing. The reality television star apparently continues to party and leave his pregnant girlfriend at home alone. His reaction to her third pregnancy was reason enough to kick him to the curb! This should really be the last straw. Scott Disick was photographed partying with half naked women last night in Las Vegas. The photo is so annoying that I would have instantly shown Scott the door...

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Lista para el bebé

Zoe Saldana is having twin boys!

We are thrilled that the gender of Zoe Saldana's twins has finally been revealed! The Latina actress and her husband Marco Perego are expecting twin boys. Zoe must be so excited! Several sources (or shall we say chismosos?) confirmed the gender news to E! Online. They also revealed that Zoe was hoping to have a boy. Bueno, now she has two! Zoe doesn't plan on stopping there when it comes to expanding her familia.  

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10 Ways to pamper yourself during pregnancy​

things PHOTOS

Are you pregnant? If you are then I urge you to pamper yourself like crazy. Especially if this is your first pregnancy. You deserve to pamper yourself while pregnant no matter what, but if this is your first pregnancy and you have no other children to take care of at the moment then you REALLY need to take advantage of these precious moments in your life. First pregnancy or not promise me you will treat yourself nice, okay? I've even got a great list of things I want you to do for yourself.

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How to perfectly capture your child's birth

Remember that moment that you gave birth? Remember that single moment of simultaneous elation and near death coinciding to produce a miracle? I do. I don't think it's something any of us could ever forget; the moment I became a mother. It is the single most profound moment of our lives and one we always want to remember; to preserve not only in our mind's eye, but on hardcopy.

My daughters were born in 2005 and 2007. With my first birth, we took lots of photos and had some great captures but had no idea what we were doing. My poor husband, it was our first birth and I had him snapping photos and shooting video. He was so busy that he missed out on cutting the baby's umbilical cord. That should've never happened. Every parent should get to enjoy and bask in those first few moments of parenthood, without having to multitask.

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5 Mistakes parent's make when picking baby names

Crazy names? You've heard them all, especially when it comes to celebrities' offsprings. They name their children after food, colors and even objects. It's getting a bit out of hand, don't you think? I mean, these poor kids have to grow up and use those names... If they don't follow their famous parents' footsteps, they'll be screwed!

Naming a child is difficult. Fortunately, these days there are lots of apps, books and websites dedicated to finding the perfect baby name. We are going to tell you what NOT to do when choosing your baby's name.

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