Miracle baby born after 13 miscarriages


There is no way that I will be able to make it through the story of Awais Haider, a miracle baby if there ever was one, withoug crying. So don't mind the soggy post or shaky typing. You see, this beautiful baby boy was born to parents Haider Zaman and Ayshia Zaman after the couple experienced 13 miscarriages. Thirteen, people!!! Thirteen unbelievable heartbreaking losses. Over the course of 15 years, Aysha would get pregnant 13 times only to miscarry anywhere between six to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. She says, "I took a two–year rest gap and then plucked up courage for the 14th time. I felt it was my last chance and my last hope."

And this is where I start to cry because on July 10, she and Haider welcomed a healthy beautiful 6 pound baby boy into the world. I'm so happy that this couple found the help they needed to acheive their dream of becoming parents.

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Batido de jengibre para las náuseas del embarazo


Las náuseas mañaneras pueden llegar a convertirse en la pesadilla número uno de cualquier mujer haciendo de los primeros meses de gestación un total infierno y aunque, a decir verdad, eliminar el vómito y la fatiga del embarazo es casi imposible, este remedio promete ser la cura natural para esos males. ¡Te sorprenderán los resultados!

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Mascarilla para fortalecer el cabello en el embarazo


El embarazo te lleva a los extremos: o te regala una melena larga y sedosa o de plano te deja casi calva. Y si bien es cierto que las hormonas y la genética tiene mucho que ver, siempre existe uno que otro secretico de belleza capaz de devolverle la vida a tu cabello. ¡Te quedarás loca con los resultados de esta mascarilla!

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The 10 worst baby names of all time


I'm not gonna lie, this is a post I don't actually want to write because it's kind of mean to say that there are babies out there with names that suck, but there are. Please know I am not trying to be mean to the babies as it is not their fault that their parents gave them such truly odd names, but some of these names will leave you shaking your head, like what the funk were those parents thinking?!

What's even crazier to me is that every single one of the 10 worst baby names that I am going to share to you was given to at least five children. So that means there is no just one child out there burdened with a cray-cray name, but at least five!

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Canned tuna poses serious risk for pregnant women


If you are pregnant and craving canned tuna, you may want to think twice before indulging. A new study published by Consumer Reports is urging pregnant women to stay away from tuna all together. So should you be worried? 

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Consejos de moda PERFECTOS para las embarazadas


Estar embarazada no significa perder el glamour. Unos kilitos extras en tu figura, por una razón tan hermosa, es motivo de celebración y, sobre todo, de realizar un esfuerzo por mantener rutinas de belleza que te hagan lucir y sentir muy linda. Justo por los cambios de tu cuerpo hay que hacer ciertas modificaciones en tu vestuario para que se adapte a tu nuevo estilo sin que eso comprometa tu look.

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Mom arrested after 12-year-old daughter gets pregnant


Tina M. Durant, a mother from Newton, Iowa, is facing the law after she ignored the sexual abuse complaints from her 12-year-old daughter who is now pregnant. Durant was charged with child endangerment and neglect because she didn't pay attention and acted when her child told her she was being sexually abused by 24-year-old Jacob White. According to authorities, White slept in the child's bed and the mother knew about it.

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19 Latin baby names inspired by nature


Okay, so by now you probably know that Christina Aguilera gave birth to her second child, a girl, and named her Summer Rain Rutler. Matt Rutler is the baby's daddy, hence the last name and it's pretty obvious that the rest of the baby's name was inspired by nature. I'm sure there are many that find it odd that Xtina chose such a seemingly hippie-ish name for her little girl, but personally I love it. It's like a little mini-poem.

People tend to get freaked out by names that are out of the ordinary, but it's not like Christina named her baby something weird like Hashtag or Liquid Spinach. If anything I think nature is a great place to find inspiration for both girls' and boys' names.

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Fumar durante el embarazo puede afectar ¡a tus nietos!


La verdad es que a la genética no se le salva nada. ¿Sabías que si eres fumadora empedernida mientras estás embarazada tus nietos podrían sufrir las consecuencias? Pero eso no es lo peor: te vas a caer para atrás cuando sepas que esos aumentos de peso que has sufrido a lo largo de tu vida tienen mucho que ver en el asunto.

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Baby skeleton left inside mother for 38 YEARS


Doctors in central India removed the skeleton of a baby conceived nearly forty years ago from the body of an Indian woman, confirming what they believe to be the longest ectopic pregnancy ever recorded. Now 62 years old, Jyoti Kumar of Madhya Pradesh sought medical attention after experiencing excruciating stomach pain and a sonogram revealed the presence of a lump. Worried that the patient had a tumor, doctors performed an MRI which, shockingly, revealed that the mass was actually a child's skeleton. You'll never believe how this woman carried the stillborn baby for so long!

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