Woman captures her birth in graphic but inspiring photos


Ana Álvarez Errezcalde is a Spanish artist obsessed with capturing raw moments in life. Her art is filled with powerful images that remind us of our animalistic nature and essence. When she became pregnant, she knew she had to document her birth because she wanted to see herself in that vulnerable moment. When I say document don't think a hospital gown, epidural and social media updates. No! I'm talking about a naked, bloody woman with a newborn in her arms with the umbilical cord still attached and the placenta lying on the floor next to her.

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Adamari López shares her baby name & it's beautiful!


Adamari López and Toni Costa are the happiest couple in the world right now! The lovely pair just announced they're expecting a baby girl, and now they're being so kind as to share the charming name they've chosen for their little princess. It's unique and has a really beautiful meaning. Plus, it follows Adamarí's family's tradition of choosing names that start with the letter A. Want to find out? 

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Baby Leo smiled for his ultrasound & hasn't stopped since


Leo Hargreaves is the happiest baby in the world and he has an ultrasound photo to prove it. When expectant mom Amy Cregg was thirty-one weeks into her pregnancy, she went to Babybond Ultrasound Direct in Burnley, England to check her baby's progress. When they printed the 4D image they were shocked by what they saw. The baby was smiling! You have to see this picture, it's really something else. Baby Leo was born in June and he is indeed a happy baby.

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Alejandra Espinoza está embarazada y muestra la primera foto de su bebé


La cigüeña anda desatada o muchas se contagiaron de Ninel Conde, pero tenemos otra embarazada. Esta vez de las filas de Univisión. Se trata de Alejandra Espinoza que ya está esperando bebé y después de varios intentos, decepciones y muchas lágrimas finalmente Dios le regala la bendición de ser mamá. No pudo ocultarlo por mucho tiempo y anunció en su cuenta de Instagram la noticia y ya hasta tenemos la primer foto del bebé.

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20 Old wives' tales about pregnancy that are NOT true!


Misconceptions, myths, old wives' tales? You bet! Everyone has an opinion and prediction when it comes to pregnancy. Some of them are based on some kind of truth, but others are totally whacky. I recently watched a Japanese movie where a pregnant woman was killed because she started to "eat for two" and there was not enough food to feed the entire family. That's one of the common myths about pregnant women that just isn't true. Keep reading because we rounded up some of those pregnancy misconceptions for you and your friends.

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Pregnant panhandler caught driving away in brand new Mercedes Benz


San Diego resident Melissa Smith says she's watched an unidentified pregnant woman beg for money outside the Eastlake Village Center every weekend for the past two weeks. According to Smith, expectant mother and her young son would hold signs reading "Please help," and collect money from charitable shoppers as they pass by. Heartbreaking, right? Well, don't get too choked up just yet. Smith says she suspects the mother-son duo may be a couple of well-off con artists.

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Adamari López reveals the sex of her baby!


The secret is out! The sex of Adamari Lopez's baby has finally been revealed! Despite Lopez and her fiancé Toni Costa announcing the baby news on Instagram, they made sure to keep fans guessing about what they're expecting. Adamari even tried to throw us off by posing alongside a cake covered with boy and girl decorations. It turns out she isn't pregnant with boy and girl twins, but we already knew that! 

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10 Foods every Latina should eat for a healthy pregnancy​

Healthy PHOTOS

Latin food is delicious and fortunately for those of us who like our comida latina on the daily, much of it is healthy. As a matter of fact there are some Latin foods that you should eat while pregnant because they are packed with nutrients for you and your growing baby. The best part is that these are all foods that you are already familiar with and readily available, so it shouldn't be a problem ... except ...

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Woman survives being dead for 45 minutes after giving birth


Lots of parents say they would die for their children, but Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro actually did. Her heart stopped beating for 45 minutes soon after giving birth to her daughter Taily via Cesarean section. It was absolutely terrifying. Doctors at the Boca Raton Regional hospital fought for three whole hours to bring Ruby back from the brink of death, but to no avail. They were just about to pronounce Ruby dead when something miraculous happened. Ruby's heart restarted--all on its own!

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5 Ways to keep your pregnancy a secret without lying


OMG! You're pregnant, you are so freakin' excited you want to tell EVERYONE, but you've decided it's best to wait to announce your pregnancy until after your first trimester. A lot of people do this just in case something goes wrong. Really, it's up to you, there are no rules. You don't have to keep it a secret if you don't want to, but if you do and you are the kind of person who has a really hard time keeping secrets and you don't want to straight up lie to anyone, let me give you some tips on how to keep your pregnancy a secret the first trimester.

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