8 Totally weird things that happen to your body during pregnancy that no one will tell you


When I was pregnant the first time, I had no idea what to expect. None whatsoever. In fact, everything was new and exciting and potentially life threatening. There were a lot of ups and downs in those first days. My hormones were out of control. I don't remember being extra moody, but then again that is one of the perks of being a moody person regularly. I do however remember feeling like everything was upside down and wishing someone had warned me of some of the weirder side effects of pregnancy and the hormones that come with being with child.

Here are some of the weird things that happen to you during pregnancy that are completely normal. So don't freak out. Well, you can a little bit but it won't help.

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New dad speeds to hospital holding newborn baby in his hand!

Trying to make your way to the hospital as fast as possible while your wife's labor is speeding is stressful for any dad. But just imagine trying to make that drive while cradling your newborn daughter in one hand! Believe it or not, that's exactly what happened to California dad Eric Scheldt. 

Apparently, Scheldt and his wife Aubrianna got into the car a little after 5 a.m. on Monday morning, anxious to reach the hospital after her water had broken. Scheldt drove as quick as he could, but Aubrianna's labor was speeding up much faster than anticipated. Suddenly, the first-time mom grabbed his arm. That's when the unthinkable happened.

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5 Mitos sobre los ANTICONCEPTIVOS que debes borrar de tu mente

Los mitos alrededor de los anticonceptivos son muchos, variados y sumamente ridículos en ocasiones. Ya sea porque no nos atrevimos a preguntar en las clases de biología o por mitos y leyendas que escuchamos cuando teníamos 14 años, es necesario aclarar muchas cosas.

Aquí te dejo los mitos más comunes y lo que sucede en realidad en tu cuerpo para que ya no te estreses sobre su uso.

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Parents let Internet pick their baby's name & get exactly what they deserve

Every couple expecting a child can count on one thing: everyone—from their family and friends to random strangers—will have an opinion on what the baby name should be. It's a tough choice as it is, but it's made even more confusing with every new suggestion you get (just ask my older sister, who is currently pregnant with her first child!). But one Canadian dad recently decided to take the decision out of his hands altogether by asking the Internet to name his baby.

Yup! Stephen McLaughlin created the site to ask all web users to vote for their favorite first and middle names. As you can probably expect, the names ranged from ordinary to downright ridiculous. And after months of waiting, the results are in. So what name did this baby girl end up with?!

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Pregnant fitness trainer fights back against bullies


Yesterday I took a weight training class, which was taught by a pregnant instructor. It was pretty amazing! I was impressed by how fit she was and that she was still following her exercise regimen despite her pregnancy. I even commended her for it after class. So then why are people attacking personal trainer Sara Haley?

The petite 35-year-old mom has been receiving negative feedback for continuing to exercise while eight months pregnant. Um, excuse me?!

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SEE: Pregnant woman undergoes open-heart surgery to remove HUGE tumor!


Sharon Savino was pregnant with her third child, when right around Christmas of last year she knew something was wrong. The 25-year-old was at the end of her second trimester and developed a cough, felt exhausted all the time and sometimes her heart would race. She thought it was all just from being pregnant until she started coughing up blood one day. She rushed to the emergency room near her home in Farmingville, Long Island. The staff there couldn't figure out where the blood came from and sent her home with medicine for bronchitis. But when it happened again Savino went to her obstetricians at Stony Brook University Hospital and they found an egg-sized tumor on the left side of her heart!

Something had to be done quickly. You will not believe the size of this tumor.

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WATCH: 24-year-old's reaction to his own birth video is PRICELESS!

When Jackie Oakley made the decision to videotape every gory detail of her son's birth, she had no idea that he would eventually grow up to be a YouTube star—or that he'd one day want to share the entire thing with the entire Internet! But that's exactly what happened.

Tyler Oakley recently decided to watch his own birth video alongside his mom and record his reactions while doing. And trust me, the resulting clip is so funny, it'll have you laughing out loud!

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Mom delivers 2 weeks past due date & gives birth to HUGE baby!


An expecting Pennsylvania woman who reportedly went a couple of weeks past her due date ended up nearly breaking the state record by giving birth last week to a 13-pound, 8.5 oz baby. Wow, that's one GIANT baby boy!

Apparently, Danielle Dwyer and her husband were told the baby would most likely be around 9 to 10 pounds—already a larger size than the average newborn. But they never imagined their son would end up weighing in at an almost whopping 14 pounds!  At that weight, doctors say little Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer almost broke the state record (Ah! Can you believe that there was an even bigger baby?!). Just wait 'til you see his photo after the jump!

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Can this app really help women conceive girls?


When couples find out they're expecting, one of the things they can count on is that everyone will want to guess whether they're having a boy or a girl. But of course, no one ever actually has any control over it ... or do they?

A new app called StorkDiet/Girl claims that it can help people conceive baby girls, all for the price of $9.99. So does it really work?

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Alerta: Las libras de más durante el embarazo pone a tu bebé en peligro mortal

Las mujeres obesas presentan enormes posibilidades de padecer enfermedades en sus vidas, pero especialmente durante el embarazo. Pero los daños que puede causar tener sobrepeso durante el embarazo es MUCHO peor de lo que te puedas imaginar.

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