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6 Easy ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Seeing as each and every one of us is an individual with a unique genetic makeup, varying hormone levels and different lifestyles, the length of time it takes to get pregnant can vary greatly from one woman to the next. In fact, most doctors will not even see you for a consult on potential infertility until you've been intentionally trying to get pregnant for at least a year. But whether you've just started trying or you've been at it for months, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant right now. As you read our tips, keep in mind that overall health and wellness is the common thread, and is a huge factor for most women.

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Pregnant woman robbed at gunpoint WHILE in labor

Few things are more despicable than robbing a pregnant woman--except for maybe robbing her WHILE she's in labor! That's exactly what happened to one Annapolis, Maryland mom and her boyfriend, who were recently held at gunpoint by three men while on their way to the hospital early on Sunday.

Wow, that is definitely a whole new level of low. But just wait ... it gets even worse!

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Pregnant Hollywood: Check out these celebs having babies in 2014!


Scarlett Johansson is pregnant! I'm bugging out here, I just found out about ScarJo's baby news! A source confirmed to E! News that the 29-year-old actress who has been engaged for six months to fiance, French journalist, Romain Dauriac, is said to be expecting.

Congratulations Scarlett!

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The CRAZIEST places moms have given birth!


Imagine you are walking down a busy city street when the pregnant woman in front of you suddenly starts giving birth. This is what happened to 39-year-old New Yorker Polly McCourt, who went into labor Monday afternoon. The Upper East side resident rushed out of her apartment building and asked for her doorman's help to hail her a cab to the hospital.

The funny part is that her baby decided she wanted to come out right before the cab even arrived. In other words, McCourt gave birth right on the corner of her street!

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Pregnant Hollywood: Check out these celebs having babies in 2014!

Girl do I have a juicy chisme for you! Rumor has it, Mexican singer and actress Thalía might be pregnant. Yes, pregnant! No one has peeped a baby bump yet, but the word has been spreading around like crazy. Plus, Thalía has mentioned in the past that she'd love to have a third child. Considering she's already 42, if she's going to get pregnant again there's no better time than now, right?

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Twin sisters beat all odds & give birth on same day!

People always say that twins share a special bond, but 35-year-old identical sisters Heather Richardson and Sarah Fidler recently took their connection a step further than most. The British moms not only found out they were pregnant on the same day, they also ended up giving birth on the same exact day too!

Despite that there was only about a 400,000 in 1 chance of them going into labor on the same day, both sisters ended up giving birth on February 13. Wow, talk about overcoming incredible odds!

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5 Ways to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy


If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, then you know that you experience many symptoms during those 40 weeks. One of the most annoying? Varicose veins. Many of us think that they occur as we get older, but some women experience the unsightly veins during pregnancy.

If you're worried about getting them, not to worry, there are some easy ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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5 Things you thought you couldn't do while pregnant, but totally can

If I had a dime for everything someone assumed I couldn't do while pregnant--well, you know. Seriously, pregnancy is not a death sentence. Your life does not suddenly end because you are growing another person in your uterus. Sure, there are some things you should avoid, like, you know, drugs, cigarettes, hard alcohol. But for the most part--with the exception of high-risk pregnancies--you can actually continue to live your life much as you always have. Here are five things you thought you couldn't do while pregnant, but totally can: 

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WATCH the most hilarious reactions kids have had to parents' baby news!

Telling your kids that you're pregnant again and that they're about to become an older sibling can be tricky because it's impossible to predict how they're going to respond. Are they going to scream out of joy or cry in dismay? You just never know!

And sharing the baby news is just half the battle. What about when it comes to tell them what kind of sibling they're having, a young brother or sister? That announcement is a whole another dilemma that is sure to spark an emotional reaction, both good and bad! Still, while you might not know exactly how they'll respond, you can be sure it'll be a moment you'll never forget--a moment that many parents have (luckily) captured on tape for the rest of us to enjoy!

Below, check out these five videos of kids' hilarious reactions when they find out they're getting a younger sibling!

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Hollywood baby boom: Check out these pregnant stars!

Congrats are in order for Lil' Kim. The 39-year-old rapper took to the stage at a New York Fashion Week after party on Wednesday to announce that she's pregnant with her first child. Aww, what happy news!

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