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Your baby's birth month can determine how healthy he is

It's common knowledge that everything from an expectant mother's stress levels to second hand smoke to exposure to pet feces and pesticides may have a profound effect on a child's long-term development and health. However, what most of us don't' realize is the month in which a child is born and, yes, even conceived, may also impact a child's well-being. Crazy, huh?

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WATCH: An entire pregnancy in just 6 seconds!

pregnancy PHOTOS

I'm a big fan of pregnancy time lapse videos. I find them all kinds of adorable and fascinating. Make no mistake that I have viewed more than my fair share of them, even so I am captivated by the latest one I've watched created by a couple in the fair city I'm lucky enough to call home: San Francisco, California. Ian Padgham and his wife, Claire Pasquier, collaborated and put together a time lapse video chronicling Pasquier's pregnancy that they posted on Vine. Do you get what I'm saying? Since the video was posted on Vine it means that it is only six seconds long. This couple managed to capture an entire pregnancy in just six seconds and it is pretty amazing.

You have to check it out below. I mean what do you have to lose? It's only SIX seconds long !

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Pregnant mom dies while brushing her teeth & no one knows what happened


A 22-year-old British mother-to-be died unexpectedly while brushing her teeth in her parents home. Jade Glen, a mother of one, was eight months along in her second pregnancy when she fell ill and admitted herself to the hospital. Doctors treated her for a reported blood clot but gave her clearance to go home after being checked.

That is until a week later when the mother passed away for reasons unknown.

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Can this app really help women conceive girls?


When couples find out they're expecting, one of the things they can count on is that everyone will want to guess whether they're having a boy or a girl. But of course, no one ever actually has any control over it ... or do they?

A new app called StorkDiet/Girl claims that it can help people conceive baby girls, all for the price of $9.99. So does it really work?

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WATCH: 6 Amazing pregnancy time-lapse videos you have to see!

Thanks to YouTube, we've all seen our fair share of awesome and unique pregnancy announcements. But one adorable dad recently topped all those by creating one of the cutest time-lapse pregnancy videos we've seen yet!

In the clip, entitled "From Bump to Buzz," Tom Fletcher manages to capture the duration of his wife's entire pregnancy by compiling daily photos of her growing belly. The whole thing takes place in just over 3 minutes and the final result is so adorable, it's pretty much guaranteed to melt your heart.

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5 Sneaky ways to hide your pregnancy before you're ready to announce it

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now, before you go around telling everyone, you may want to take your time in doing so. It's hard to contain the excitement that you're expecting your first or next child, but sometimes it's better to wait than to reveal the news. Whether it's a superstition thing or you have a risky pregnancy history, we have you covered (so to speak).

You don't have to share the happiest moment of your life just yet and if you're looking to stall, we have some perfect solutions for you.

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SEE: 10 stunning photos perfectly capture a woman's pregnancy


These days, women are getting more and more creative in documenting their pregnancy. One recent example? Buenos Aires-based photographer Sophia Starzenki decided to capture the entirety of those nine months with a series of beautiful maternity photos that she calls "Proyecto Pyokko."

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WATCH cool pregnancy video shows pregnancy day-by-day for all 9 months!

Becoming a new parent is a blessing and an exciting time in a couple's life which is why I loved Danny Pier's video documenting his wife's pregnancy. Pier decided to film one second everyday of his wife's pregnancy and not only is his idea smart, but it's totally sweet! Although this isn't the first time a hubby has documented his wife's pregnancy, it's definitely one of the cutest videos I've ever seen.

So what exactly does Pier record daily for a total of nine months? You'll have to read on to find out!

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5 Amazing pregnancy time-lapse videos you just have to see! (VIDEOS)

One creative dad-to-be recently captured his wife's pregnancy on camera by turning the entire nine months into an easy, breezy walk in the park ... literally!

As can be seen in the awesome timelapse video below, cinematographer Jesse Beecher records his expecting wife, Lyra, as she takes a one-minute stroll through various streets and parks; well, that's what it seems like anyway!

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Being 10 months pregnant is actually not uncommon for most moms

Normally when a woman is pregnant, it's understood that she's going to be with child for approximately nine months. Now a study has learned that there are some women who can remain pregnant for 10 months.

Yes, a whole month OVER what is biologically expected of us ladies.


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