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Being 10 months pregnant is actually not uncommon for most moms

Normally when a woman is pregnant, it's understood that she's going to be with child for approximately nine months. Now a study has learned that there are some women who can remain pregnant for 10 months.

Yes, a whole month OVER what is biologically expected of us ladies.


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You CAN drink while pregnant, but that doesn't mean you should


Apparently, it is okay to have one small glass of wine a week while you are pregnant. According to a study released by BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, low levels of alcohol consumption are not linked to behavioral or cognitive problems during early to mid-childhood.

Is this study really telling us anything we couldn't have figured out on our own? I mean, I didn't drink at all while I was pregnant because I happen to be a total rule follower and nerd, but haven't pregnant women in Europe indulged in the occasional glass of wine while pregnant and given birth to perfectly healthy children with no problems? Didn't I see a movie where Catherine Zeta Jones was pregnant and having a glass of wine and saying it was okay because she is European. Was that Traffic?

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The REAL way to predict a baby's sex--without a medical exam!

When a woman becomes pregnant, everyone around her tries to guess the baby's gender. So when I heard that there ARE ways to determine the gender of an unborn baby (without actual lab tests), I was floored.

That exactly what Jena Pincott claims to have found out in her new book, Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? She takes down those old wives tales a notch and actually shares some super interesting info on how to tell if you should be shopping for pink or blue.


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Eating veggies during pregnancy may help your baby become a healthy eater!

If you're constantly struggling to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies the reason may have something to do with your diet during pregnancy. A new report reveals that pregnant women who consume more fruits and vegetables are more likely to have children who are less fussy eaters. This proved to doctors that babies get a taste for healthy foods before birth through the amniotic fluid and after through breast milk.

Researchers say that babies are already hardwired to enjoy salty and sweet foods, and may have a harder time adjusting to the initial taste of green vegetables. But by adding these to your pregnancy diet, you may just avoid having to deal with the picky eater woes.

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4 Reasons sex during late pregnancy is just not fun (or doable!)

There has long been an old wives tale that having frequent sex near your due date will induce labor and many women who are either overdue or just ready to be done with pregnancy have out of desperation forced themselves to engage in the act. Of course, there's no danger in having sex throughout your pregnancy, but a recent study out of Malaysia concluded that although it has long been thought hormones in semen could help bring baby down, the study of over 1,000 women between 35 and 38 weeks pregnant showed that whether the women had sex frequently or not, they delivered at an average of 39 weeks. However, if you're feeling awesome and just as randy as ever, more power to you.

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Drinking during pregnancy: What is really okay and what is not?

For years, American doctors have recommended that pregnant women abstain from drinking any amount of alcohol. This has always been a precautionary measure as it is unknown exactly how much a woman must drink before it adversely affects her baby. According to a study sited on OUPblog, in other countries like Great Britain, low-level consumption is considered acceptable and in places like Australia, the recommendation has flip-flopped between abstinence and low-level for years. Even some doctors in the U.S. have been known to okay low to moderate consumption after the first trimester.

But is this inconsistency causing women to be more laid back with how much they're comfortable drinking?

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New ingestible chip will remind you to take your meds!

Thankfully, I've always been pretty good about taking my birth control and other presciption medicines. But like most people, I have my forgetful days too and it's hard to sometimes get back on track. For those of us who have medicine that we need to take on a daily and timely basis, boy do I have great news for you! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently approved an ingestible chip that can be embedded into most of our medicines and track whether or not we've taken it.

Science never ceases to amaze me and with this new invention more people will definitely be more consistent in taking their medicines. This will especially be helpful for people with more complex medical conditions such as diabetes--which need to be tracked more attentively.

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