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5 Things you thought you couldn't do while pregnant, but totally can

If I had a dime for everything someone assumed I couldn't do while pregnant--well, you know. Seriously, pregnancy is not a death sentence. Your life does not suddenly end because you are growing another person in your uterus. Sure, there are some things you should avoid, like, you know, drugs, cigarettes, hard alcohol. But for the most part--with the exception of high-risk pregnancies--you can actually continue to live your life much as you always have. Here are five things you thought you couldn't do while pregnant, but totally can: 

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SEE 5 Awesome pregnancy announcements that will make you laugh & cry

When Arizona dad Jesse Jackson and his wife found out they were expecting a baby, they decided to share their happy news with a little help from their 3-year-old daughter, Zoey.

Apparently, Zoey was so excited about becoming a big sister that she almost spilled the beans to family members several times. So when it came time to make the official announcement, Jackson figured there was no better way to do so than to let her be the star!

The result is the incredibly adorable video below, in which little Zoey happily tells the world that she's going to have a baby brother or sister. "If my sister or my brother comes, they might play with me," she says. "Course, they might steal all my toys, but that's OK." Aww!

But the best part comes at the very end, when Zoey proves that she has an ulterior motive for making the video. Check it out, along with four other amazing pregnancy announcements, below:

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The every day healthy habit that can RAISE your risk of miscarriage

A new study has found that women who take multivitamins while trying to conceive are at a higher risk of having a miscarriage than those who don't. Published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the study included 35,000 moms-to-be in Denmark who took the supplements regularly in the six weeks prior to becoming pregnant. The results showed that they were 32 percent more likely to suffer a miscarriage. 

After ruling out factors such as obesity, smoking and previous miscarriages, researchers of the largest study of its kind could not figure out the cause.

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5 Easy ways to feel sexy during pregnancy


Feeling sexy during pregnancy is one of the hardest things a woman can go through with. That's why when I saw Gwen Stefani's latest selfie on Twitter, I was blown away with how great she looked. The mom of two proved that you can embrace your sexy side all while being pregnant in her all black figure hugging attire, plus sexy stiletto boots.

It's not so often that you associate pregnancy with sexiness since most women are feeling down and out over morning sickness and other aches and pains. However, we've found some great ways for you to enjoy your pregnancy while feeling like the ultimate vixen.

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5 Pregnancy fears you should banish from your mind right now

It's no secret that pregnant women--especially first-time moms--stress about a lot of different things throughout their pregnancies. I mean, it's a life-changing event, one that can make even the most laid-back lady turn into a worry wort before the pee stick is even dry. But the reality is, there are a lot of things about pregnancy and childbirth that we spend a lifetime building up in our minds, that are actually no big deal. Read on to discover which pregnancy-related fears you should stop worrying about right now.

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5 Early signs of pregnancy

I just found out a good friend of mine is pregnant with her first child, and we spent a good part of our conversation talking about how she kind of had a feeling she was expecting even before she took the test that confirmed it. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I felt the same way. I mean, it's hard to tell for sure when you get pregnant for the first time because everything is so new, but there are some definite early signs that are pretty universal.

So if you think you're pregnant, but it's still too early to take a test to confirm it, you may want to be on the lookout for these early signs of pregnancy.

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5 Sneaky ways to hide your pregnancy before you're ready to announce it

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now, before you go around telling everyone, you may want to take your time in doing so. It's hard to contain the excitement that you're expecting your first or next child, but sometimes it's better to wait than to reveal the news. Whether it's a superstition thing or you have a risky pregnancy history, we have you covered (so to speak).

You don't have to share the happiest moment of your life just yet and if you're looking to stall, we have some perfect solutions for you.

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If you're trying to have a baby, keep it to yourself!


Chelsea Clinton has said publicly that 2014 will be the year of the baby--for her and her husband not everyone in the world. She is not predicting a population explosion or anything like that. I wish her luck and I hope she conceives easy and quickly, now that she's gone public with her intentions.

Is it just me or does anyone else think it's crazy to tell the world you're trying to conceive? Aren't you just opening yourself up to scrutiny and people hounding you to see if/when you are pregnant? What if you have troubles conceiving or you get pregnant and lose the baby? Announcing publicly that you are trying to get pregnant is crazy because it's inviting people into your bedroom and into one of the most intimate moments of your life.

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7 Reasons to call your obstetrician immediately when you're pregnant

The first time you're pregnant, every little thing out of the ordinary can be cause for alarm. Trying to figure when to call your doctor with your concerns can be difficult, especially when you get all kinds of conflicting information online. While not everything requires immediate attention, some things do and you should know what they are so you don't waste any time getting the medical treatment you need.

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12 Questions you MUST ask your obstetrician at your first pregnancy appointment

I don't know if it was my training as a journalist, but once it was confirmed I was pregnant, I went to my first OB appointment armed with a long list of questions. Some were simple and many probably made me sound kind of stupid, but information empowers me, so I went ahead and prepared my "interrogation" as my husband called it. 

If you just found out you're pregnant, here's a list of 12 things you MUST ask your doctor at your first checkup:

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