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Bridesmaid goes into labor while she's walking down the aisle!


Your wedding day is one of those occasions that as the bride, you expect to be the center of attention. In 26-year-old Emma Rotherham's case, her wedding ceremony went as she planned, but little did she know that her 29-year-old pregnant sister, Lucy Morris, was in labor the WHOLE time.

Morris walked her sister down the aisle as one of her bridesmaids and kept quiet about being in pain from the contractions to avoid stealing the spotlight from her sister's special day. That's so selfless of her, but we have NO IDEA how she managed to do that!

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Gay couple respond to uproar caused by their birthing photos


A picture of two Canadian fathers holding their newborn son has gone viral online. The heartwarming image shows new dads, 44-year-old, Frank Nelson and 34-year-old, BJ Barone embracing their newborn (born through a surrogate) against their bare chests as they make the first contact with their son, Milo

The touching moment was captured on camera by photographer, Lindsay Foster. The picture is so sweet, wait until you see it for yourself!

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5 Reasons men could never give birth


Recently, a group of men volunteered to undergo electro-stimulations to mimic contractions! Led by foolishness or curiosity, they wanted to know what it was like for their wives to give birth. Only one man lasted the full thirty seconds.

Half a minute? Really? My labors were induced and lasted over 11 hours.  Not that I'm an expert in childbirth, but having Pitocin pumped into my body at full force, water broken and membranes stripped by the doctor, with no epidural makes me think that men could never endure labor and birth like women.

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Mom stuns doctors by giving birth to HUGE baby!

A Massachusetts couple and their doctors were left stunned after the woman gave birth to an unexpectedly HUGE baby on Wednesday.

Caroline and Bryan Ruscak had expected to welcome a big baby as their first daughter was born at 10.5 pounds. But they never thought that their second child, daughter Carisa Ruscak, would end up tipping the scales at a whopping 14.5 pounds. Whoa, that's one big baby girl!

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Mom delivers 2 weeks past due date & gives birth to HUGE baby!

An expecting Pennsylvania woman who reportedly went a couple of weeks past her due date ended up nearly breaking the state record by giving birth last week to a 13-pound, 8.5 oz baby. Wow, that's one GIANT baby boy!

Apparently, Danielle Dwyer and her husband were told the baby would most likely be around 9 to 10 pounds—already a larger size than the average newborn. But they never imagined their son would end up weighing in at an almost whopping 14 pounds!  At that weight, doctors say little Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer almost broke the state record (Ah! Can you believe that there was an even bigger baby?!). Just wait 'til you see his photo after the jump!

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Mom puts her newborn in danger all for a pedicure & foot massage!

After going into labor with her second child, a New Jersey woman decided to go for a pedicure and foot massage before heading to the hospital, and ended up delivering her son in the salon's bathroom. Anna Rubinstein was in labor for 42 hours with her 3-year-old daughter and was expecting a similarly long labor the second time around. The 35-year-old mom thought she had plenty of time for a little pre-delivery pampering, but to her shock, her water broke during her foot massage and the baby was born almost immediately afterward. 

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WATCH: 6 Amazing pregnancy time-lapse videos you have to see!

Thanks to YouTube, we've all seen our fair share of awesome and unique pregnancy announcements. But one adorable dad recently topped all those by creating one of the cutest time-lapse pregnancy videos we've seen yet!

In the clip, entitled "From Bump to Buzz," Tom Fletcher manages to capture the duration of his wife's entire pregnancy by compiling daily photos of her growing belly. The whole thing takes place in just over 3 minutes and the final result is so adorable, it's pretty much guaranteed to melt your heart.

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Gigantic baby born in California is one of the biggest EVER

Just a few days after a South California baby was dubbed one of the largest ever born in the state, another child from North California has usurped the title! Jeez, what in the world is in the water in California?!

Sosefina Tagalu's son Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva weighed a whopping 16 pounds, 1.7 ounces at birth, making him potentially THE biggest baby ever to be born in the state. Wow, that's one GIANT baby boy!  Just wait 'til you see his photo after the jump!

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New Mami 101

6 Things you need to know for breastfeeding success

When it comes to breastfeeding people will volunteer all sorts of advice--you could hear everything from pumping before your baby is born to roughing your nipples up while you're still pregnant. But in all honesty, much of what you'll hear is totally subjective and may work for some women, but could actually make things harder for others. What you really need to know are the basics--things that will help you ensure that both your body and mind are as prepared as possible. These seven tips will help you succeed at breastfeeding with as little stress as possible:

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New Mami 101

9 Post-partum must-haves to keep new moms comfy

As a mother to a brand-new baby, the easiest thing in the world is forgetting to take care of yourself. But aside from feeding your baby, it's probably the most important thing for you to do. Labor and delivery can wreak havoc on your body, whether you had a caesaeran section or a regular vaginal birth, and you will need to heal and recover. While you're sore and uncomfortable it will be hard to focus on day-to-day tasks, but once you feel better physically, you will be able to really tune into your newborn and find some sort of rhythm for your first few months together. You baby (and your significant other) will be happier and more content once mom is, so be sure to put your own well-being on the top of your priorities list.

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