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New mom dies after giving birth to miracle quadruplets & no one knows why

Arizona mom Erica Morales died on Thursday, just a few hours after giving birth to her "miracle" quadruplets. Morales, 36, and her husband had been trying to conceive for years before seeking the help of a doctor and finally getting pregnant. Tragically, Erica never got to hold her babies. 


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Your baby's birth month can determine how healthy he is

It's common knowledge that everything from an expectant mother's stress levels to second hand smoke to exposure to pet feces and pesticides may have a profound effect on a child's long-term development and health. However, what most of us don't' realize is the month in which a child is born and, yes, even conceived, may also impact a child's well-being. Crazy, huh?

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7 Ways to make childbirth less painful


While the miracle of childbirth is a beautiful experience, there's no denying that it comes with some feelings of intense discomfort. A new study says that childbirth pain isn't as painful as women claim it is, but anyone who's delivered a child will probably remember how much it hurt to push that baby out! Epidurals might help ease the pain, but there are other ways to make childbirth a little easier on your body. Below are some tips to make your labor less painful.

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10 Ways C-sections & vaginal births are basically the same


No matter the details of your labor--whether it involved an epidural and a hospital bed, a water birth overseen by a midwife, or an elective or emergency C-section--there are certain commonalities between all baby deliveries. Don't think so? Check out our list of 10 ways in which C-sections and vaginal births are essentially identical.

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Woman wakes from seizure & discovers she's given birth!

A woman who suffered from a seizure caused by preeclampsia got the shock of her life when she woke up to learn she'd delivered her baby. Gemma Jamieson was six months pregnant when she went into convulsions while at a car show with her husband. Doctors rushed to save the 23-year-old mom's life and decided to deliver her baby via Caesarean section to save its life as well. Imagine waking up with no recollection that any of this has happened!

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Woman captures her birth in graphic but inspiring photos


Ana Álvarez Errezcalde is a Spanish artist obsessed with capturing raw moments in life. Her art is filled with powerful images that remind us of our animalistic nature and essence. When she became pregnant, she knew she had to document her birth because she wanted to see herself in that vulnerable moment. When I say document don't think a hospital gown, epidural and social media updates. No! I'm talking about a naked, bloody woman with a newborn in her arms with the umbilical cord still attached and the placenta lying on the floor next to her.

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Woman survives being dead for 45 minutes after giving birth


Lots of parents say they would die for their children, but Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro actually did. Her heart stopped beating for 45 minutes soon after giving birth to her daughter Taily via Cesarean section. It was absolutely terrifying. Doctors at the Boca Raton Regional hospital fought for three whole hours to bring Ruby back from the brink of death, but to no avail. They were just about to pronounce Ruby dead when something miraculous happened. Ruby's heart restarted--all on its own!

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Father's terrifying delivery of premature baby girl caught on tape!


The prospect of delivering your own baby at home would freak most people out. But not Jon Jordan. The 34-year-old Californian was cool, calm and collected as a 911 emergency dispatcher walked him through the home delivery of his daughter, who wasn't due for two more weeks! The entire situation wasn't without its hiccups. The baby was premature, the cord was wrapped around her neck, and…was she even breathing?  

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New mom gives birth to twins & didn't even know she was pregnant!​

Shelby Magnani was having some painful stomach cramps and she decided to go to the nearest walk-in clinic in a neighborhood in Ankeny, Iowa. It turned out that Shelby was very much pregnant with twins and had no idea. When the emergency doctors performed an ultrasound they realized that the babies were monoamniotic and they scheduled an emergency C-section. Baby Ava and her twin sister Anna were born small but otherwise healthy and will go home in a couple of weeks.

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How to perfectly capture your child's birth

Remember that moment that you gave birth? Remember that single moment of simultaneous elation and near death coinciding to produce a miracle? I do. I don't think it's something any of us could ever forget; the moment I became a mother. It is the single most profound moment of our lives and one we always want to remember; to preserve not only in our mind's eye, but on hardcopy.

My daughters were born in 2005 and 2007. With my first birth, we took lots of photos and had some great captures but had no idea what we were doing. My poor husband, it was our first birth and I had him snapping photos and shooting video. He was so busy that he missed out on cutting the baby's umbilical cord. That should've never happened. Every parent should get to enjoy and bask in those first few moments of parenthood, without having to multitask.

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