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10 Ways to survive a difficult pregnancy


I found out I was pregnant for the second time at three-and-a-half weeks, and was hit with awful morning sickness two weeks later. It persisted--I threw up multiple times a day throughout the first and second trimesters, and a few times a week until my daughter was born. I was exhausted and had intense pelvic girdle and sciatic pain that left me with a limp fairly early on. Let me tell you, it was a trying 40 weeks, and I certainly learned a lot about pregnancy. 


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The 10 craziest things that can happen during childbirth (PHOTOS)


As you count down the days to meeting your baby, you should know that when you're in the delivery room, the craziest things can occur. If it does, just know that even though it seems out of this world, it's perfectly normal. That's why we wanted to fill you in on the  unexpected things that can happen during childbirth. If this does happen to you, have no fear, it will ALL be over before you know it!

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11 Consejos para un embarazo saludable y feliz


El saber que hay una nueva vida creciendo dentro de ti te hace feliz, pero estás experimentando muchos cambios en tu cuerpo. Cualquier cosa puede hacerte sentir menos linda y atractiva. Aquí te dejamos unos tips para que lleves un embarazo sano y feliz

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18 Reasons your post-baby body is amazing


Confession: I stopped dreaming about my pre-pregnancy body when I had my second child. Like most expectant moms, I gained a ton of weight after my first baby and was too busy and happy to notice until I became pregnant again. I did the math and didn't want to gain that much weight on top of the weight I already had. So, I stopped comparing my body to the one I had before baby número uno and just focused on keeping the same measures I had after my first child. I realized that the waist line wasn't that important as long as I felt happy and confident.

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4 Types of contractions you didn't know about


Contractions. Honestly, I hear the word and I hold my breath! When I was pregnant with my first child and I had my first "contraction" at two months, I called 911. I'm not kidding! It was early in my pregnancy, my husband was away on business and I didn't know what to do. I was helplessly lost and didn't have any books or guidance about "What to Expect When You're Expecting, so I panicked and dialed. It turned out that I wasn't in labor (obviously) and my belly's muscles were just stretching.

I learned that contractions are normal and they all don't mean that the baby is coming out anytime soon. If you are pregnant or planning to be, read on so you won't drive the emergency phone operator crazy like I did.

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WATCH: An entire pregnancy in just 6 seconds!

pregnancy PHOTOS

I'm a big fan of pregnancy time lapse videos. I find them all kinds of adorable and fascinating. Make no mistake that I have viewed more than my fair share of them, even so I am captivated by the latest one I've watched created by a couple in the fair city I'm lucky enough to call home: San Francisco, California. Ian Padgham and his wife, Claire Pasquier, collaborated and put together a time lapse video chronicling Pasquier's pregnancy that they posted on Vine. Do you get what I'm saying? Since the video was posted on Vine it means that it is only six seconds long. This couple managed to capture an entire pregnancy in just six seconds and it is pretty amazing.

You have to check it out below. I mean what do you have to lose? It's only SIX seconds long !

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New mom dies 2 days after giving birth & no one knows why


Lisa Parkisson gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Zac early morning this past Saturday. She was looking forward to taking on her new life milestone as a mom when the unexpected happened: The 35-year-old mother mysteriously died in the post-natal ward only two days after delivering her baby.

Now her family is demanding that the hospital give them answers over the beloved mother's inexplicable death.

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7 Ways to eat healthier during pregnancy

Christina Aguilera gained a lot of weight (40 pounds to be exact) during her first pregnancy and she's not trying to let that happen the second time around. The 33-year-old singer and former Voice coach is expecting another baby now with her fiancé, Matt Rutler but is doing everything possible to avoid stacking up the pounds. You know what they say, just because you're preggos doesn't mean you should be eating for two! But there are ways that you too can eat healthier when you're expecting. Read on!

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14 Awesomely creative ways to announce your pregnancy


Every time I see the wonderfully creative ways that so many people get to announce their pregnancies I get a little jelly because I didn't get to do an original pregnancy announcement for either of my pregnancies. Oh well, I can still definitely appreciate the wonderful pregnancy announcements of others like this super fresh one featuring the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. The picture was posted on Reddit by a friend of a pregnant woman named Emily. I don't know the circumstances of how the picture came to be, I like to imagine I do. I'll tell you all about it and show you the full picture below.

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Mom addicted to being pregnant offers to be surrogate for free


If you ask most moms what they miss most about being pregnant, chances are they'll say they loved their bump, glow, and the excitement of creating a human life. But for 37-year-old Tara Sawyer, pregnancy is an addiction and she has even offered to be a surrogate for other couples--for free! The mom of four says that being pregnant is what makes her happiest and when she isn't she feels like something is missing.

In fact, she's already been a surrogate to three couples and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!

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