The big day is just around the corner, and you want everything to be perfect. Besides diapers, blankies, motherly instinct and lots of patience, there are many essentials that you will need to get baby from here to there and always comfortable wherever she is. There´s the stroller, the bassinet, the infant seat for the car... In fact, did you know that many hospitals won´t let you take your newborn home unless you are prepared with an infant car seat, the right one for her age and weight? Make sure you don´t forget to have it installed properly in the back seat of your car according to manufacturer´s recommendations.


If you are like most Latinas, you tend to want to add the glamorous touch to everything, baby´s things included, don’t feel guilty taking your time to choose what accessories you like most. Take a trip to the Sears store near you and check out the complete collections of products by some of the most trusted brands like Eddie Bauer, Graco, Safety 1st, Disney and Evenflo. You won´t have to break the bank either with their reasonable prices.