For most moms and dads, the search for the perfect baby name is very exciting (and also a great responsibility!). Whether it is for a boy or a girl, the name chosen --without their prior approval--will stay with them for the rest of their life. Back in the day, particularly in Latin America and Spain, expectant parents would go straight to the Bible and name their child after saints and patrons. How simple! Go to the calendar and check what saint was honored on your babies birthday and bam, name. A boy born on the 10th of January could be Aldo, Agatón or Guillermo. A girl could be named Ana de los Ángeles after the saint honored on her birth date.


Today people stress over having the most creative name out there, searching the internet for the meaning and origins of obscure names they think are cool. Others find inspiration from a book or telenovela character, their favorite celeb, or what's trendy. Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres did just that when naming her baby boy Cristian, after Mexican singer Cristian Castro. Still, some Latinos are a still traditional and name the baby after a loved relative —a favorite uncle or abuelito.

And then there are names... names that no one can spell or pronounce as they are the original creations of some interesting mix mom and dad thought of. Maybe mami didn’t think about how tortured the child would once feel when kids in school and other people around would be tongue-tied trying to figure out what to call them!

Regardless of the why or how behind the method used to choose a baby name, feel blessed to have the opportunity to introduce your child to the world. And one more thing--resist the urge to make fun of someone else’s child’s name, no matter how strange it might be. After all, maybe others are not as fond as you are of the one you chose for your precious little bebito.

What inspired your baby's name?

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