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Jacqie Rivera surprised her fans when she announced in August 2019 that she and husband Mike Campos were not only back together but also pregnant with their fourth child. That couple had split but quietly got back together, and she got pregnant shortly after they reconciled. While it is unsure if the couple is still together or not, Jacqie has continued to embrace her pregnancy by sharing week-by-week updates as well as the cutest baby bump pics. 

While expecting a baby is so special, Jacqie has been honest about how unexpected this fourth pregnancy was for her. In a recent Instagram post, she shared her feelings about coming to terms with having to start over with a newborn now that she was used to taking care of older kids. "As many may know, baby #4 was a huge surprise I wasn't ready for. I knew a baby is a blessing. But when you already have it in your mind that you're 'done' with the having babies part of your life," she wrote. "When you've got used to having 'big kids' and are out of the 'baby phase.' I was genuinely excited that Jordan was potty trained. I didn't need to carry around a diaper bag. I was ready for disney trips with big kids lol."

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"Getting the news 'surprise!! Your birth control wasn't effective!!' I think it's a big shock for any woman," she continued. "I cried for a long time. And questioned God, like 'wth is happening Lord!?' But after 3 months I was able to come to peace with the shift in my life." Jacqie said that she happily welcomes this unexpected blessing and added, "I trust that God has a huge purpose for this miracle and I'm excited to meet my baby."

Now that she has embraced her pregnancy and her changing body, Jacqie has been documenting her journey, and seeing her baby bump grow week by week has been the cutest. She also knows how to rock the most adorable clothes and outfits to highlight her belly, and it definitely will give any mom-to-be some style inspiration. Scroll through to see Jacqie's cutest baby bump pics from her fourth pregnancy.

She looked as beautiful as a butterfly in this one. 1

What a gorgeous backdrop for a baby bump pic! She also had the perfect caption for the photo, and used the most fitting quote. “'The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle'🌻," she captioned the beautiful post. 


She's a Wonder Woman, for sure. 2

She also captioned this stunning pic with a powerful quote. "'A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.' Never apologize for being a strong woman!" she captioned the post.


She has to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. 3

She shared the cutest pic of herself enjoying a huge mint chip ice cream cone and her baby bump is clearly getting so big! We love seeing how happy she seems and can't wait to see how cute her little baby is.

The mamá-to-be is all smiles! 4

Her gorgeous smile takes over her whole face and it's the cutest thing. She has been rocking this pregnancy with the best maternity style and this black and white ensemble is simple yet super cute. 


Her casual maternity looks are so cute. 5

This adorable heart sweater and matching sneakers is definitely the type of comfortable look a mom-to-be needs during her pregnancy. Yes, looking picture perfect does wonders for your mood, but nothing beats being comfortable while expecting.


Look at this gorgeous photo shoot. 7

Jacqie has made sure to capture the growth of her baby bump with so many gorgeous photo shoots. This one really is maternal, bright, and something she can always look back on to remember this time in her life.

Every mama deserves a peaceful morning. 8

She enjoyed the sunshine coming in through her window and captured the moment with a cute snap. She looks so pretty in her most natural state, and it's amazing how round her belly is!


Every moment is an opportunity to show off your belly. 9

Moms-to-be know that resting your hand on your belly, no matter where you are, is almost second nature when you're expecting. Jacqie posed for a pic while at a restaurant, and she looks so happy.

Her pregnancy glow is so radiant! 10

Jacqie loves showing off her perfectly round belly, and her pregnancy pics have been far from ordinary. This one of her posing outside is just adorable.


We need this "Over It" T-shirt. 11

Jacqie looks beyond fierce in this all-black outfit with her belly on full display. "Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. Now Im gonna take care of me," she captioned the post.  

Jacqie dressed to impress for this baby bump pic. 12

She captioned this pic: "Yea I'm a little rounder than I was this time last year. But instead of rejecting myself, I'm learning to celebrate the beautiful and powerful body God has put me in. Enjoying it while I can."


She really is super adorable. 13

We love how big her smile is! Even though she didn't expect this pregnancy, Jacqie seems to be really enjoying her journey and sharing every step of her pregnancy journey with her fans. 

Jacqie reminds her kids that she's not a regular mom. 14

She's a cool mom! And this super casual and sporty outfit reminds us that for the mom-to-be, dressing up her belly is all about comfort while still looking trendy.


She has made sure to document every step of this journey. 15

One of the best parts of being pregnant is making sure to document the growth of your belly, plus every step of your pregnancy. She has been doing weekly vlogs and keeping fans updated with cute pics of herself.

Her maternity style is the cutest. 16

These skinny jeans and yellow sweater are cute and simple but exactly what we expect Jacqie to wear. She is all about comfort while still looking polished and cute.


Jacqie looked so elegant in this black dress. 17

She is really rocking this black gown so well! Being pregnant shouldn't stop anyone from throwing on a gorgeous dress to look and feel their best.

This look is everything. 18

You don't have to wear feminine dresses during your entire pregnancy, and Jacqie knows this. She knows maternity jeans come in handy when you're expecting! She threw on a leather jacket to make this look super cute and edgy.


Her holiday party dress is totally sexy. 19

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Winter Wonderland 2019

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Jacqie sure knows how to dress up a baby bump. We love how sexy and fun she looks in this sparkly dress! The fabric is so form-fitting and highlights all of her awesome pregnancy curves.

She showed off her baby bump for Christmas. 20

Christmas is a special time to be cozy and comfy. We love how she showcased her baby bump in this beige outfit while posing for a pic in front of her massive and beautiful Christmas tree. 


This leopard skirt looked incredible on her. 21

How stylish is this mamá? We love how she pulled this look together, and it's definitely something we could see ourselves wearing--pregnant or not.

Mirror selfies are a go-to for pregnant moms. 22

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Pregnant girl night out! Be safe out there💛 AMO

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Mirror selfies are usually a mom's go-to way to document her growing belly, and this one Jacqie shared is so cute. It definitely gives a good look at her bump.


Jacqie was working this jumpsuit! 23

This black jumpsuit looked incredible on her! She really looked so on point in this outfit, and every mama-to-be deserves to look this good while expecting.

This pic with her sister Chiquis melts our hearts. 24

Chiquis cradled her sister's growing belly in this pic, and we love how happy they both look. Soon, Chiquis will be the auntie to another adorable bundle of joy.