Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has been anticipating her daughter's second birthday for months. So much so that the makeup mogul threw her daughter a massive and beyond beautiful birthday party the weekend before her actual birthday. Kylie gave birth to daughter Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018, and since then, the little one has become the center of her world. And who can blame her? Stormi is actually the cutest little baby there is! 

Now with her firstborn entering her terrific twos, Kylie made sure that everyone in attendance at the big party saw just how precious her little one is to her with a celebration that was fit for a little princess. And Stormi's dad, Travis Scott, was also in attendance. 

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Kylie paid close attention to every single detail when it came to planning this gorgeous party that was butterfly-themed. The reason for that is that Stormi's name was inspired by a flap of a butterfly's wing that is impactful enough to create a storm. 

Stormi's little cousins were all in attendance, decked out in their cutest fairy dresses--and they all looked adorable! Scroll through to see the incredible photos Kylie shared of the party, as well as the ones her famous sisters posted. It was one breathtaking party! 

How cute is this photo Kylie shared? 1

This decorations are absolute perfection! The butterflies were such a major part of the party and little Stormi looked like a real beauty.


Travis was there spending quality time with his girl. 2

Stormi had her own swing at the garden party, and it was beautiful to see that even though her mom and dad split up, he was still there for her.


Let's check out this table decor. 3

How long is this table at the party? The little purple accents are our favorite. 

Stormi ran right to the ball pit. 4

And who wouldn't? This looks like a ball of fun and the little one jumped right in.  


Even Stormi's little playhouse was part of the party. 5

How gorgeous is this giant butterfly that was place next to Stormi's playhouse? We love it! 


Kylie decorated with her own makeup products. 6

Kylie created a makeup line to celebrate her daughter's birthday. Check out the detail in this setting.


The famous sisters never miss with their treats. 7

The sweet treats at the Kardashian-Jenner parties are always so dreamy. I would love to get invited to their celebrations.

The flower arrangements were stunning. 8

We really love how Kylie makes sure she has fresh flowers at her daughter's parties. This arrangement is gorgeous.


Even Stormi's name was added to the ball pit. 9

The balls were purple, like the rest of the party, but we wonder who has to clean all that up?

Butterflies were all over the place. 10

So much money is spent on flowers for these kids' parties, we wonder if they even noticed.


Stormi and True were loving the playhouse. 11

How cute are these two? These girls are truly inseparable and we love that they are there for each other's big moments.

Khloé Kardashian shared this pic with her little girl. 12

How sweet is this pic? Khloé had on her own set of fairy wings for this pic with her baby girl. 


She turned her backyard into a magical garden. 13

The greenery looked phenomenal in this backyard! It looked like something out of a fairy tale. 

They had sections for arts and crafts. 14

We love how much they think of their kids when planning these parties! They make sure their kids are fully entertained. 


Kylie made sure the adults were entertained. 15

Kylie makes her parties adult-friendly, too! Look how yummy this cocktail looks. 

All the cousins were there looking adorable. 16

How cute are these dresses? We love that they looked so calm and were clearly enjoying it. 


There was a purple cocktail, too! 17

Even the cocktails matched the butterfly theme. So cute!

There were sandwiches and cute little treats. 18

How cute are these little sandwiches? The kids will definitely eat these. 


The plates were gorgeous! 19

We really love how these plates look, even if it's just for a party. 

Kylie was dressed for the occasion. 20

Kylie chose the perfect outfit for this party! We love this little print on her pants. 


Stormi's snacks were on point. 21

These pigs in a blanket were so freaking adorable! Look at the tiny wings.

The cake was super pretty. 22

Three tiers for a second birthday seems like a lot, but it makes sense when your mom is a billionaire.


This is straight out of a fairy tale. 23

How gorgeous is this setup? We need a party like this for our next birthday.

Stormi and True are BFFs. 24

The little ones were super into their arts and crafts.


Chicago West was also in attendance. 25

These three fairies are the cutest group of cousins we've ever seen.