Woman gives birth in a taxi while driver coaches her & it's all captured on dashcam video

hands on steering wheel

Most people hop into a cab or ride-hail car just to get from one place to another, and if the driver is cool, it's a bonus, but if not, whatever. Well, a couple in Brooklyn, New York, who requested a ride to the hospital because the woman was in labor got incredibly lucky when they were picked up by driver Luis J. Leonardo, who is quite possibly the coolest driver EVER. Not only did Luis keep his calm when the woman started giving birth in the back seat, he coached the couple through the whole thing and helped them keep their cool.

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When the woman went from groaning in the back seat to deal with her pain to straight up yelling, Luis told her, "Honey, you got to breathe, mami." She yelled back, "No! She's literally coming out!"

You would think that would freak Luis out, but nope, he just replied, "Yeah, but you have to breathe." It's one of those "you have to see it to believe it" kind of situations, and we can all see it because Luis had a camera in his car that recorded the whole thing.

It all happened SO fast!

That's Luis in the driver's seat, and you can see the couple in the back seat. This is right before ish starts getting real, because pretty soon the baby starts crowning, and the woman who is giving birth says, “Her head is in my hand."

The man in the back seat with the woman is kind of at a loss for what to do, but Luis is on it. “Pull it out, boss! Do the magic. Do the magic. Spread your legs,” he tells them both. "Spread your legs, mami, spread your legs!"


The baby comes out crying.

When the baby is out, Luis says, "That’s it, boss. You got your kid. You got your kid ... that's it. Shut it down." You can see the baby in this screen grab from the video.

Luis keeps coaching the couple and tells them to clean the baby. At one point, he says, "Boom, we Gucci!" because it's all good.


See for yourself, but maybe not at work or in front of the kids, 'cause it's intense.

Luis J. Leonardo is amazing. This couple is so lucky that he is the one who showed up to drive them. He kept his cool, he helped guide them through the experience, he blessed that baby, and he got them all safely to the hospital. Now he just needs help getting that back seat cleaned up. All in a day's work for a superhero driver.

This is such an amazing birth story. We're so happy that it all went well. Well done, everyone!

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