People think Kylie Jenner accidentally announced she is pregnant during Khloé's party


Khloé Kardashian celebrated her 35th birthday on June 27 in true Kardashian style with a fab-glam party that we were all invited to. OK, not really, but she did post lots of behind-the-scenes videos on her Instagram Stories, so it kind of felt like we had been invited. One of the most interesting things that Khloé shared actually happened off camera and has a lot of people thinking that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child.

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In a clip Khloe shared on social media, she showed some of the sweets at the party. Then, at the end of the clip, you hear someone who sounds a lot like Kylie say, "I'm pregnant." The voice is clear and you can definitely make out that the speaker is saying "I'm pregnant." But, again, you can't see the person who said it.

Listen for yourself.

Press play and keep your ears open until the very end. As Alyssa Bailey from Elle magazine points out in this tweet, "Well, someone announced they were pregnant in Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram Story." The question is who.


It absolutely could be Kylie.

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The Daily Mail and many fans think the voice sounds quite a bit like Kylie's and Kylie has made it clear that she definitely wants more kids. Right now, she and rapper boyfriend Travis Scott are the proud parents of 17-month-old Stormi. We're not forensic voice experts and can't definitively say that the voice in question is Kylie's, but we can definitively say that it might be.


And just to stir the tea a bit more

Back in April, Kylie posted this birthday message to Travis Scott that she ended by suggesting that they *bleep* "around and have another baby." It wouldn't be that crazy would it, if Kylie were pregnant?

Until Kylie confirms or denies, we won't know for sure. But check back with us in nine-ish months or so and we should be able to give you a definitive answer.

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