Chiquis Rivera admits that she's freezing some of her eggs for her brother

Chiquis and Johnny Rivera

We've shared with you before that Chiquis Rivera started the process of freezing her eggs. She has been incredibly open about her health issues and how her endometriosis might make it difficult for her to conceive in the future. Her decision to freeze her eggs is a proactive way to give herself and her fiancé, Lorenzo Mendez, options when they decide they are ready to have a child. But it turns out that Chiquis is not just freezing her eggs just for herself, she's also freezing them for her brother, Johnny Rivera.

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She hadn't even discussed the idea of sharing her eggs with Johnny with Lorenzo before she opened up about it on her webseries Chiquis Online, but he seems totally fine with it. We have no idea if Johnny will ever decide to take Chiquis up on her offer, but for now keep reading to find out why Chiquis is willing to offer her brother such a generous gift.

Chiquis thinks of Johnny as her own child.

Juan Ángel López, who we also know as Johnny, is Jenni Rivera's youngest child. Chiquis was 15 years old when he was born and what with Jenni having such a demanding career up until her death in 2012, Chiquis pretty much raised Johnny and has maternal feelings for him.


In 2017, Johnny came out as bisexual.

In this video from 2017, Chiquis sits next to her brother to show her support as he addresses rumors about himself and his sexuality. He talks about being in a gay relationship as well as having experimented with having girlfriends. In the video, he identifies as being bisexual. It's clear that Chiquis is protective of her brother and that she wants him to feel that he is not alone and that he is loved.


Johnny is now 18 years old.

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Five of a kind.

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This year Johnny celebrated his 18th birthday. He's entering adulthood looking happy, healthy and surrounded by people who care about him.

Parenthood is probably far from Johnny's mind.

He's only 18, hopefully he has his whole life ahead of him. But how can a family like the Riveras not be aware of how precious life is when they lost Jenni Rivera only six years ago? So it's not surprising that they don't take life for granted.


The bond between Johnny and Chiquis is strong.

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my forever partner in life

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Johnny posted this picture of Chiquis on his social media account and the caption says everything about their relationship. He wrote, "my forever partner in life." They are siblings, yes, but they are so much more than that, which is why Chiquis offering her eggs to her brother makes so much sense.

She just wants to make sure that if anything happens to her, he always has a piece of her.

On Chiquis Online, she shares why she wants to give her brother Johnny the option to use her eggs and it's really sweet. She says on camera, "So Johnny has always said, 'You know what sister, what if something happens to you ... I want you to leave a piece of you behind.'" She goes on to explain that since her brother is gay, if in the future he wants to have a baby, that using her eggs could be an option.

She understands that to some people this all might sound "weird," but she says, "That's who I am. If I can give life or one of my eggs can make, you know, a couple happy and especially if it's my brother, why not?"

It's an incredibly generous gift to give and it's beautiful that Chiquis is even thinking about someone else as she goes through the difficult process of freezing her eggs. We wish her well and hope that her journey is successful.

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