Chiquis Rivera shares her journey of freezing her eggs

Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis Rivera has started the process of freezing her eggs in order to prepare for the future. The singer has been open about her desire to have a baby, and that only grew after she had health issues and complications due to her endometriosis. Chiquis is now taking control of things by freezing her eggs so she is prepared to have a child whenever she is ready in the future.

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She shared an intimate video of the process on YouTube on Monday, February 11, and opened up about the obstacles she's facing during the process. Chiquis has her doubts about not doing things the natural way, but she's choosing to remain positive. Her fiancé, Lorenzo Méndez, was also by her side every step of the way, and Chiquis seems more determined than ever to make her dream of becoming a mom a reality. 

Chiquis made the announcement on Instagram that she had started the process.

She shared a cute photo of herself and Lorenzo all smiles at the doctor's office. "Join me on my journey to Freezing my Eggs! It’s a process I’ve thought about for a while now, but I’m finally doing it!! 🤗," she captioned the post. "Thanks to @scrcivf and @drshahinghadir for making this a comfortable and gratifying experience." 


She shared a lengthy video of the process, and it was intense.

The singer shared the entire process that she had been experiencing in order to freeze her eggs, which includes getting on birth control pills and undergoing a series of tests before the procedure actually happens. 


The process can be a lot to deal with, but thankfully she's not alone.

It was so great to see Lorenzo being super supportive and sweet during the video. Chiquis was being a bit hard on herself, but he was there to lift her spirits. He reshared their photo at the doctor's office on Instagram and sweetly captioned it: "I love you baby I’m right here by your side. 🙌🏼❤️."

At one point in the video, Chiquis received some bad news that upset her.

After going through some health issues in 2018 regarding her reproductive system, Chiquis received another ultrasound during the doctor's visit, and she was told she had another cyst in her ovary. "So I developed another cyst in my left ovary now, not my right. I don't know what's going on with me; I take care of myself. These are the things that make me sad and make me want to cry," she said. "It does hurt my feelings. Am I broken or something?"

The doctor later told Chiquis that the cyst was producing estrogen and that it would affect the egg-freezing procedure, so she now has to work on dealing with that cyst first before she goes forward. We wish her all the best in her journey to motherhood.