Amelia Vega & Al Horford announce they're pregnant with their third child with cutest pic ever

Amelia Vega announces she's pregnant with her third child in announcement on Instagram.

We're happy to report that former Miss Universe Amelia Vega is pregnant with her third baby with hubby Al Horford! This cute family just keeps on growing. Amelia recently announced the news on Instagram in the cutest, most creative way. She's gotten so good at her announcements, this third one was the best so far. But unlike former announcements, this one felt a lot more natural.

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Amelia clearly likes to go all out with her pregnancy announcements. She's gotten creative with all three of them somehow. But there was something about her third announcement that really felt relatable. The picture looked like a simple family photo that was taken with the help of an iPhone and few cute but practical decorations. 

Amelia shared the adorable pic on Instagram.

Her and husband Al Horford are seen posing with their son Ean and daughter Alia, in a kitchen setting, all in color-coordinated outfits. Horford is holding up a baking pan filled with sweets that says “Baby In The Oven” and there are also sweets on the table that spell out “GIRL and "BOY" so we still have no clue of the baby's gender. Though we're crossing our fingers she's having twins!


We should have seen it coming.

Amelia shared a super heart-felt picture with an even sweeter caption to Instagram on December 24. In the post Amelia praises her husband and thanks him for giving her the “most beautiful and most valuable thing” that he could have possibly given her in the last couple of years--their children. Maybe it was her way of telling us another one is on its way. 


They really are good at baby announcements.

The one they made in June 2016 for their daughter Alia was so adorable. Everyone wore team T-shirts and they held up one that read “Princess” with the due date “Nov. 2016.” Could it get any cuter?

Their announcement for their son Ean was probably the best one so far.

The announcement looked like an ad for an upcoming film. They called it “Expecting to pop!” and used blue font along with Amelia’s T-shirt to reveal the baby’s gender. So insanely creative. 


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