America Ferrera announces her pregnancy in the most adorable way

america ferrera pregnant
America Ferrera/Instagram

Latina actress and activist America Ferrera is expecting her first child this year, adding to the growing number of celebs who will have new babies in 2018. Late on New Year's Eve, America and husband Ryan Piers Williams, who have been together for 12 years, took to Instagram to announce their news in the most adorable way.

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I couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear when I saw the post slip into my news feed just before I went to bed, and based on the 100,000 likes and thousands of congratulatory comments the couple received on their news, it looks like I'm not the only one who was thrilled to see their announcement.

Both America and Ryan shared the same photo to make their announcement.

The couple rocked sparkly 2018 glasses and the mama-to-be held up a onesie and made a kissy face. They both look so incredibly happy in the photo. Their joy is almost contagious.



The couple has been together for years.

12 years of this... #HappyAnniversary

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America and Ryan seem to be truly in love. They do everything together, from working and traveling the world to championing various causes including women's rights and immigration reform. Back in June they celebrated 12 years together with a trip to Iceland and chronicled what looked like a magical trip on their IG accounts. After being together so long, it's no wonder they seem attached at the hip.


They work together.

The couple actually began their relationship back in 2005 after America starred in a student film that Ryan was directing. They've since worked on numerous projects together, including starring in the movie X/Y back in 2014.

They workout together.

You know what they say: The couple who works out together, stays together. Ryan and America take workout classes together on the regular, including boxing and yoga sessions. Staying fit together is definitely an awesome way to bond. I bet Ryan will be super supportive throughout America's pregnancy.


They even stand up for justice side-by-side.

Can you say GOALS? Most people know that America is an activist and that she always shows up when it's time to fight for justice, but you might not know that her man is usually right by her side. From attending the Women's March in D.C. last year to co-founding the human rights organization Harness, the duo fights the good fight together.


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