Kylie Jenner shares a throwback pic that might be hinting at her pregnancy

Kylie Jenner shares throwback picture after pregnancy news hits

Kylie Jenner
's pregnancy news is one that has left us all insanely confused. Is she pregnant or not? Reputable sources like People have confirmed it and even Kylie's father, Caitlyn Jenner admitted it's true. But Kylie has only been posting recent pics of herself that show absolutely no sign of a baby bump. But she recently shared a throwback pic that has everyone speculating. 


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Kylie has been pretty silent regarding the whole pregnancy news. In fact, the only thing she's done is share photos and videos to Snapchat that reveals a relatively flat stomach and a small waist, leaving us all wondering where her "baby bump" is at. 

According to reports, Kylie is five months pregnant with a girl, meaning she's due sometime in January, close to when Kim's surrogate is supposed to give birth to her and Kanye's baby. So shouldn't Kylie be showing by now?

Today she shared a throwback pic of herself rocking a crop top, revealing a flat tummy, and pulling up her jeans to help define her tiny waist. Seriously, what does this pic even mean?

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Well, some are speculating that it might mean Kylie is already missing her pre-pregnancy bod. Others think it's her subliminal way of confirming to the world she is in fact pregnant. 

She's killing us here! One thing's for sure: Kylie knows how to leave us at the edge of our seats. You gotta give her that. She's probably looking back at her iPhone, scrolling through her social media thinking how she now officially owns the internet. 


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