Baby pops out during natural C-section & it's the best thing you'll ever see

babyIf you've ever had a child through vaginal or C-section birth, you know that they don' call it labor for nothing. If you plan on going the C-section route (or even if it isn't in your birth plan), there's more than one method to delivering your baby safe and sound. A gentle Cesarean (also known as a natural C-section) attempts to mimic the experience of a vaginal birth and allows the baby to push it's way out of the incision. There's a new video floating on Instagram that shows exactly how it looks. Be mindful that this isn't for the faint-hearted.


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Venezuelan doctor Jham Frank Lugo shared a video of one of his gentle C-sections and the video is pretty remarkable. You see the baby crowning and then slowly pushing its head out.

The idea of a gentle C-section is just that. It allows the baby to slowly come out on its own and allows for instant skin-to-skin contact between the mom and newborn, which is usually not the case in a traditional C-section. One in three moms in the U.S will give birth via C-section (as I did), and it's nice to know that there's more than one option for how moms decide they want to experience the procedure. 

Visit this doctor's page to see more videos. While it's hard to stomach some of these, we all know that birth isn't so pretty. It's still beautiful in all of its hard-to-stomach moments. 

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It makes you appreciate life and doctors like these way more. Hopefully it also makes you realize how bomb we are. Our bodies go through so much to give birth. Whether natural or C-section, it's all about bringing life into this world. That should make us all way more gentle on ourselves. 

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