SEE: Fitness star Massy Arias has rock-hard abs 9 days after giving birth

It's been nine days since Dominican health coach and fitness trainer Massy Arias gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Indira Sarai, and you'd never know it by looking at her tight abs. That's right, Massy already has a relatively tight, tone, and flat stomach that will blow your mind. And it's not like she's not eating. The new mom recently shared a before and after pic on Instagram while also breaking down her current diet. You have to see this to believe it!


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The side-by-side picture Massy shared on Instagram shows her shortly before giving birth and the second is of her 9 days post-partum carrying her adorable baby. Massy's stomach is so flat and her waist is so small, you'd never know she was in labor 9 days ago. 

"Okay so here it is, 9 days #postpartum," she captioned the photo. "Recovering and eating as best as I can with enough caloric surplus for milk supply. I've been counting my macros and using my 8-week macro friendly program which is available on my website. You saw how active I was during my pregnancy and how well I ate. I had a natural labor with no complications (thank God and to this lifestyle). I am still practicing what I believe in: food is medicine and I don't deprive myself from any food groups. I just EAT WHOLE AND EAT WELL. Maintain my protein intake high to support muscle (thank you @trusupplements for that amazing plant based protein. That was my life savior and still is). I drink about a gallon of fluids (mostly water). With the macro calculator on my program that I've hit "maintain" with no exercise (of course). And apply 600- 800 extra calories to support my milk supply. It's amazing what you can do when you know specifically what to eat. I do miss movement but first, I have to heal properly. THIS POST ISN'T INTENDED TO SET ANY EXPECTATIONS OR TO BE NEGATIVE. WE HAVE ALL DIFFERENT JOURNEYS. I LOVE YOU GUYS." 

The key here is Massy's last two lines about not intending on setting "any expectations." What I love about her, is that she never forces her lifestyle on her followers and she also keeps things real.

If you follow Massy on Instagram you know that the girl works out hard and was strength training and lifting weights throughout her pregnancy. She maintained a really healthy diet that consisted of foods like a bowl of lentils, baked asparagus, green salads, spinach omelets with avocado, brown rice, grilled chicken with a side of sautéed spinach and just all that good stuff. She controls her portions and makes sure to include plenty of protein and greens in all her meals. She also drinks a ton of water. And even with all that, she's still not working out immediately after giving birth. She's giving her body time to relax.

Regardless of Massy's workout regimen or diet, everyone's body is different. Just because her tummy got flat 9 days post-partum doesn't mean it will happen for someone else who keeps a similar diet and fitness routine. The key to a healthy pregnancy and body image is to not compare yourself to others. It might sound cliché, but our differences are what make us beautiful and unique. Just saying!

Image via Massy Arias/Instagram

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