belly artThe painted pregnancy belly trend is here to stay! It makes those old-school prenatal photoshoots look like a blank canvas begging for a pop of color and design. Looking through these amazing works of art makes me wish I did something this creative while I was expecting! Take a look at the best prenatal belly art that will move and inspire you. 

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Image via Monica Conde/Pinterest 


Baby in the making 1

Baby in the making

Image via HennaJunkie95/Flickr

There's no better ode to mother nature than this beautiful painting of a baby growing inside of a tree. Amazing!


Cookie Monster 2

Cookie Monster

Image via Marcela Barreto/Pinterest

This playful Cookie Monster is the best thing ever! Seriously, this is way too adorable. 


Swimming baby 3

Swimming baby

Image via Studio Bodymention/Pinterest

Have you ever pictured your unborn child floating around in your belly? I know I did! That's what probably inspired this cartoon.

Winnie The Pooh 4

Winnie The Pooh

Image via ProudBody/Pinterest

Even the classics can make a pregnancy belly extra beautiful. Who isn't a Winnie The Pooh fan, right?


Elephants 5


Image via ChicArt/Pinterest

Animal lovers also get inspired by their pregnancy bellies. This should be framed!


Sonogram 6


Image via BizzFil/Pinterest

Some moms are inspired by their sonogram pics. Now that's a way to show off the grainy photo! 


Angel in the moonlight 7

Angel in the moonlight

Image via New Age Pregnancy/Pinterest

A more whimsical approach would be this angel in the moonlight drawing. Perfection! 

Ladybug 8


Image via ProudBody/Pinterest

What I love about this lady bug painting is that it looks like something anyone could do at home. Just grab your face paint! 


One-eyed monster 9

One-eyed monster

Image via FunFacePainting/Pinterest

Same goes for this funky one-eyed monster. Looks like he wants to say, "Ready to pop?!" 

Eviction notice 10

Eviction notice

Image via ProudBody/Pinterest

Yes, we all get to that point when we want to give our babies the eviction notice. This is a cute way to deliver the message.